All Fake and False Companies Were Flushed Out Says Debt Settlement Lead Generator

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a link to the following hilarious press release sent out by creditcarddebtnegotiations.com, a site that was last publicly identified as being owned by Ryan Golembiewski. I knew I’d seen that name before and when I searched the site I found, a previous article in which he was mentioned, “TASC, Are You Kidding Me With FreeDebtReductionHelp.com?

So here is the press release.


Moreover it wanted to prevent economy form another serious blow of bankruptcies. Keeping in view these facts government came up with new set of laws ensuring safety of the debtors.

Federal debt settlement relief laws are helping more and more people in getting rid of their unsecured massive debts. In addition these plans are getting popular among people with every passing day. It should also be kept in mind that circumstances can not be good for all the people all the times.

It is because in past there were many fraud companies working in the settlement industry. These groups used to charge high upfront fee from their potential clients. After some time they used to tell their customers that their negotiations with the credit card company failed and they will not be getting any kind of reduction in their liabilities. This fact disappointed people to an extent that they started filing for bankruptcy once again.

But government did not loose heart at the scenario and introduced new laws in the industry with the help of FTC. It is because government wanted to help its people in the need of the hour. Moreover it wanted to prevent economy form another serious blow of bankruptcies. Keeping in view these facts government came up with new set of laws ensuring safety of the debtors.

According to these new laws companies are bound to provide their services and guidance to the people without charging any kind of upfront fee or advanced charges. It means that old practice of companies where they used to charge advance fee from clients was prohibited. In this way all the fake and false companies were flushed out and only true companies are left in the market. Moreover if a company finds out to be charging advance fee then it will be sued against not following the rules properly. In other word it can be said that now people are enjoying the true meaning of settlement deals.

In short it can be said that now options of getting settlement deals are less risky for the debtors and they can apply for these plans without any fear of being cheated. There no money will be involved in the deal. So if you are a person suffering from high debts then you must file for these relief options and must make full use of these programs to return to your debt free life all over again.

If you have over $10,000 in unsecured debt it may be a wise financial decision to consider a debt settlement. Due to the recession and overwhelming amount of people in debt, creditors are having no choice but to agree to debt settlement deals. To find legitimate debt reduction help in your state and get free debt advice then check out the following link. – Source

Whew, that was worth a hearty laugh. It reminded me of a MadLib. Remember those?

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And speaking of MadLibs, here is my suggestion for a future press release.

Many people enjoy keeping a variety of animals for pets. Each kind of pet needs special care and attention. Every pet needs food, water, and lots of Debt Settlements. Some pets need regular signing and selling, but other pets need less care. So which pet is right for you?

If you are keeping fish, you will need a tank and creditcarddebtnegotiations.com. Cats like to fall a lot, and they enjoy being petted. Dogs that are big need a lot of lead generation, while old dogs might be happy just running around doing sales presentations around the house.

Horses take a lot of work. They need a stable and lots of watermelons. They also need to coughed regularly. Gerbils and hamsters take less work than a horse, and it can be fun watching them puking in their cages. Snakes like to puked under a heat lamp. But when it comes to feeding time, you have to be ready to feed most snakes elephants!

There are all kinds of animals that can be kept as pets, but always remember that a pet requires some effort and needs lots of Debt Settlements.

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