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Chew and Screw, Dine and Dash, on the Rise

I’ll not soon forget the time I was sitting at a restaurant and watched a guy get hauled out for refusing to pay for his meal. His position was that since the place was offering a two for one deal that night that since he was eating alone he should only pay half. Needless to say that didn’t work out well for him. Last he saw of his leftovers was as the cops were taking him away for refusing to pay.

But in a down economy can it be any surprise that people are eating and running without paying their bills? According to the NY Post, more professionals in NYC are now guilty of this bad behavior and there was a 20% increase in such incidents last year.

Just last week actor Gary Collins, 72, was arrested and spent the night in jail in Mississippi for splitting on a $60 tab even though it is reported servers followed him to his car and kept telling him he had to pay. Collins latter paid the tab after his arrest and free visit to the local jail. Felony charges are still pending against him.

The Post said, “Milite recalls the time a 50-something business associate “worth a couple million dollars” defended his habit of dining and dashing, telling the restaurateur: “You know what? When I’m done with my meal and I’m ready to go, I walk out. And if the server isn’t paying attention, I walk away. If they’re interested in me or my money, they’ll pay attention.” – Source

I just can’t imagine doing something like that. If I get a meal that’s off in some way I’ll bring it to the attention of the staff immediately, not eat it and then complain it should be free.

It boggles my mind that people will intentionally screw the server at a restaurant by eating and running. At least leave a tip.


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