Woman Chains Self to Home to Prevent Foreclosure

I’m not quite sure how effective this particular approach is but one foreclosure specialist, facing financial problems of her own, has chained herself to the front porch while awaiting eviction.

The woman chained to the porch is June Reyno. June Reyno, her husband and their five dogs have lived in their Mira Mesa home for nearly 20 years. Now, they are being evicted, but June Reyno is not having it.

The San Diego Sheriff’s Department is expected to come out to the Reyno’s home sometime Monday or Tuesday. Reyno said she will remain chained to her home until “the California State Legislature elected officials respond to these massive evictions and foreclosures that are going on in our county.”

Reyno says it all started when she lost her job. The couple refinanced, but after two years the rate adjusted. June Reyno says their payments went from $3,999 per month to $5,800.

“We were only able to make our payments for so long and we had to go for bankruptcy,” she explains.

She says she’s exhausted and mad.

“Now we’re squatters of our own home,” Reyno says. “That hurts a lot.”

Reyno is upset at a system she says took advantage of her.

Reyno said they were approved for a loan to buy back the property, but she claimed property manager Jeff Wagner apparently won’t agree to these terms.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Chains Self to Home to Prevent Foreclosure”

  1. Reporters should do some research before jumping on the bandwagon. This woman bought her home at an affordable rate, then refinanced several times, pulling more and more cash out of her home loans each time (essentially, behaving as though her home was her own personal ATM). She even admits that she took that money and put it into her business, which then failed. How does she have any right to be angry? She made a really stupid financial decision, took advantage of the system, got wads of cash in her bank account and lost it all. She’s been greedy and stupid, and now she wants the taxpayers to bail her out. Well, I think before we bail her out she should be forced to give the government the several hundred thousand dollars that she pulled out the house. Until that happens, I’ll be there cheering as the sheriff cuts the chains and pulls her away from that cracker-box house.

  2. She got greedy. She pulled out a lot of money from her $189,000 home to make over 600,000. Now she can’t pay for it. She is actually in the Foreclosure business. Start finding a place rent already!!!


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