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Cyrus Global Proclaims “Debt Settlement/Management IS OBSOLETE!”

Cyrus Global is back again with a new sales message for selling debt related services. Last year I wrote about Cyrus Global and promptly got attacked by them in the comments. Take the time and read through the comments on that article to see their responses.

Not seven months ago Cyrus Global was selling that their version of debt settlement was the best solution and now apparently that is obsolete. A new call for affiliates has gone out with the email below that claims the future is here.

It sounds like it is the same, “we pay off the consumers debts and then they pay us back” approach I’ve heard before. Only one problem, I’ve yet to meet any consumer that has had their debts paid off this way. In fact a commenter on that previous article said:

As for the hedge fund, out of the 95 clients and an average of three accounts per client NOT ONE ACCOUNT was ever purchased, The response that I received from Hassan was the the hedge fund will only pick up accounts that they can buy for 10% and they aren’t required to purchase any accounts. Which is the exact opposite from his original pitch. – Source

So let’s see the proof that a number of clients are actually getting their debts paid off.

If this approach is similar where the game is to pickup debts for much less than the 40% promised and then earn the spread between the buy and sell on the debt, there is that lingering fiduciary problem with that approach. See Do Debt Settlement Company Relationships With Hedge Funds Create a Fiduciary Problem for the Consumer?

I did a search of the U.S. Patent Office and was unable to locate any patent application under Cyrus Global so maybe that’s one of those little details that you have to sign their non-disclosure agreement to discover.

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And on the NDA required before the program is explained, what is the purpose of that? We have this great new program but we can’t tell you about it unless you sign this and promise not to tell others? For me, the requirement to sign an NDA to see the details is a big red flag.

So is the Cyrus Global program really “the best available for indebted consumers BY FAR,” or is there more to the story.

I reached out to NoteWorld for comment on how they “approved” the program but as of the publication of this article I have not heard back from them yet.

If anyone has an experience with whatever this new approach is, please share your observations in the comments below.


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