I’m Skeptical About My Debt Relief Company. – James

“Dear Steve,

Same as before. I’m a little skeptical now because I’m wondering how many people from my debt relief co. are keeping tabs on consumers like me, who are writing articles about their co., on this site. I’m concerned that they can keep a step ahead of me just by reading your forum.

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I’ve got a couple of questions i would like to talk to you about, but its not like anything i’d want to share with them. I’m at my wits end here & desperate for some upfront knowledge. Just an opinion, I’m not wanting to put anyone in a place where they would have to feel like I do. I just need an opinion. Boy, why do i feel like this?


Dear James,

I simply don’t have the time to be able to handle individual situations. But the good news is I can direct you to someone that can help you work through this. I trust his wisdom and as a debt coach he has done a fine job for readers of this site.

Contact Damon Day and schedule a confidential consultation and let’s get to the bottom of this.

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