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My Son Co-Signed a Car Lease With a Girlfriend. Is He Liable? – Rebecca

“Dear Steve,

My son (now 30) co-signed a car lease with a girlfriend in 2006. It is her car. They have since split and she traded the car in on a brand new one. Nissan Motors is owed $1800 for mileage overage and misc. Her last payment on this was in Jan 11 for $5.00. It needs to be paid in full by 4/15/11 and we guess she will totally avoid it.

Is my son liable for the whole amount?

How will this affect his credit?

Should he contact an attorney or is it a waste of money?


Dear Rebecca,

Unfortunately your son is 100% responsible for the debt. As a co-signer he agreed to be responsible for the debt if the signer did not pay.

$1,800 is a lot of money but in the world of co-signing mistakes, he got off easy.

If he does not pay they will come after him legally and it will hurt his credit.

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  • I leased my new car with my dad’s co signed. Now I built a credit history, can my dad get out of the lease and refinance as just my name? It’s a lease loan

    • As long as you can find a company to payoff the current lease and get you a new one and you can qualify on the strength of your credit alone then it should not be a problem.

      However, if you don’t have much longer on the lease you might want to wait for this one to finish.

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