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Peter Popoff Debt Relief Scammer? Erase Your Debt With Supernatural Massive Intervention Using Miracle Spring Water.

Written by Steve Rhode

I’m not sure what to say about this. I know if I come across as cynical I’m going to be attacked by some since this involves religion. I am not attacking religion. If anything I’m attacking a caught scammer who is manipulating people using religion to eliminate their debt problems.

A fantastic tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the site of Peter Popoff Ministries and wanted me to see his debt elimination pitch using miracle spring water and anointed faith tool kit.

The claims are that the miracle spring water and instructions will cancel IRS debt, pay mortgages in full, payoff credit cards, and have your “debt erased supernaturally.”

As troubling as it might be, I urge you to watch the entire sales pitch/infomercial below and post your impression of it in the comments below.

Here is the transcript of another similar pitch that aired on BET on 11-26-2010..

00:05:52 ( Peter rejoicing ) ( applause ) [ ♪ ] now, you too can have all of your debt supernaturally erased when you use the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools peter popoff wants to send you.

00:06:04 Reverend popoff’s thorough instructions will show you how to use these biblical points of contact to cancel all of your debt completely!

00:06:13 >> On that exact date, she got it, over a million dollars!

00:06:17 ( Applause/gasps ) ..close to $11,000- when you don’t have that in your wallet, $11,000 is like $2,000,000 to you!

00:06:27 >> Yesterday, I received a letter for over $45,000 and that my second mortgage was paid off.

00:06:32 >> In less than a week, not only did she sell her home, but the bank cancelled $120,000 in debt!

00:06:41 >> God has blessed me with over $25,000!

00:06:45 >> $750,000 Out of debt!

00:06:48 >> She owed between chase and sears over $25,000.

00:06:53 This week, she got a call, and what did they say?

00:06:57 >> I’m debt free!

00:06:59 Make the decision today to be financially free!

00:07:01 Call the number on your screen, and ask for the miracle spring water and the anointed faith tools.

00:07:08 [ ♪ ] >> liz, it is just so phenomenal to see the debts that have been cancelled.

00:07:13 >> Isn’t wonderful?

00:07:14 >> Oh, miraculously!

00:07:16 When so many people are drowning in debt- even church people are drowning in debt.

00:07:21 They owe for everything- their car, their house- >> well, I know a lot of churches have seminars on how to get out of debt or how to not get in debt in the first place, but I believe that god is just touching people without a seminar, without a class- >> amen.

00:07:37 >> He’s just telling us how to do it in the bible.

00:07:39 >> Amen.

00:07:40 And as you use the supernatural faith tool that god’s given me, you’re going to see your debts erased.

00:07:48 Now, it’s free.

00:07:50 You don’t have to pay for this.

00:07:51 The phone call is free.

00:07:54 I believe that if you’ll move in faith, you’re going to see supernatural debt cancellation.

00:08:00 Read a couple morenies.

00:08:02 >> All right.

00:08:03 I prayed and asked god for financial blessing, and you wrote me.

00:08:06 You told me I had money coming.

00:08:08 Last week, I received a check for $4, 325 from some land I had sold.

00:08:15 You wrote my brother about six months ago and told him he would get a good job.

00:08:19 He got the job making $15 an hour, and you wrote my mother and told her, she had money coming, and she got lots of it.

00:08:26 >> ( Peter rejoicing ) amen.

00:08:27 >> I thank god for you.

00:08:28 That’s from chicago, illinois.

00:08:29 ..

00:08:30 You see, people say, “oh, he just tells people ..” when the prophet of god- Source

And more recently from 1-24-2011 on BET.

00:07:19 ( Peter rejoicing ) >> — you mention to me because I was going through struggle, I had bankruptcy and everything, and you mentioned to me in the letter that you saw three people sitting at my dining tables, and I’m going to sign some paper, and my finance is going to be taken care off.

00:07:42 Well, I’m here to tell you all today, it did work.

00:07:46 I was in my in my dining room, and I heard a sound at my door, and when I went to the door, I have not seen anybody there, but there was a big brown envelope that was sitting at my doorway, and when I picked it up, I saw my name, and I went inside, and when I looked in it, I saw $28,000.

00:08:05 Hallelujah!

00:08:06 ( Speaking in tongues ) >> a $28,000 miracle?

00:08:13 ..

00:08:14 I felt such an unusual anointing during this program.

00:08:19 I can actually feel in my spirit that heavy yoke of debt and debt bondage being broken.

00:08:27 The word of god declares, his anointing will destroy the yoke, not just break it, destroy it, obliterate it, wipe it out, and that’s what god is doing right now as you’re watching this prophet of god.

And from 1-9-2011 on Popoff’s show.

00:02:11 >> I lost my job.

00:02:13 I needed a car.

00:02:15 My car was dying.

00:02:16 I went to the dealer with no money.

00:02:18 Got a new car.

00:02:20 No money.

00:02:21 My car called me two weeks, three weeks later, gave my job back with $400 more per week.

00:02:27 ( Applause/rejoicing ) got his job back with a $400 week bon- >> she’s been following the exact prophetic instructions you’ve been giving her, and out of the blue, tell us what happened.

00:02:40 >> Well, I live- I have a wonderful job, but I still live from paycheck to paycheck, and through the correspondence that prophet popoff had- this has been maybe six months, I came home and just- wouldn’t even.

00:02:57 I normally don’t check my mail just everyday, but this day, I opened the mail, and I saw a check in there, and it was nearly $11,000.

00:03:06 I’m living from paycheck ( applause ) you know, I wasn’t expecting anything.

00:03:12 This was back money that I didn’t know about that was released to me, so I got to give god the praise.

00:03:19 You got to believe god- if you believe god, god is real.

00:03:24 I live from paycheck to paycheckwith an excellent job, but good god when I opened that- I opened the mailbox, it was over- close to $11,000.

00:03:39 When you don’t have that in your wallet, $11, 000 is like $2,000, 000 to you, and I give god praise for that, ( applause ) so trust and believe god, it will happen for you.

00:03:52 Just trust god.

00:03:53 That’s a true prophet.

00:03:55 >> -Supernatural debt ..

00:03:58 >> Amen.

00:03:59 >> And you’re struggling with your home and don’t know what to do, and shs been corresponding with the ministry, following the instructions.

00:04:13 She was having trouble with her home.

00:04:16 It was going into foreclosure.

00:04:17 It less than a week, not only did she sell her home, but the bank cancelled $120,000 in debt.

00:04:31 She followed the instructions. – Source

And all you need to do is complete the form on his site for God to erase your debt.

And this is not just happening in the United States. It appears to be airing around the world in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

PeterPopoffMinistries is a relatively new site. The domain name was first registered on August 14, 2008 and currently expires on June 16, 2011. The domain is owned by: PUC, PO Box 760, Upland, CA 91785 and the contact is [email protected]

Peter’s son Nick is said to work or have been a consultant for Kelly Media Group which is run by Jason Cardiff, Popoff’s son-in-law who I believe is married to Amy Cardiff, the sister of Nickolas Popoff, and Alexander Popoff and Daughter of Elizabeth Popoff. Cardiff’s company is alleged to be behind the mailings for Popoff.

I am a former employee of Kelly Media Group. While I was there I worked on the Peter Popoff Account. Peter Popoff is a TV evangelist, who claims to be a prophet. (Prophet? Oh really Peter?) Anyways, while working for Kelly Media, which is an advertising agency owned and operated by Peter Popoffs son-in-law Jason Cardiff, it was my job to enter prayer requests and donations into a database. These entries into the database would generate a letter to be sent back to the person who wrote in. It would print up a detailed letter, which appears to be handwritten by Peter Popoff himself telling people that he was praying for them, and their particular problems.

He writes “The other day I was praying for you, and decided to go to a coffee shop where I knew I could focus, and everytime I said your name I was embraced by the holy spirit.” Statements like that imply that he himself prays for these people, when in fact, it was made clear to me that he does not see their prayer requests, he does not even see their letters. I group of ladies read these letters, briskly scanning through them.

They take the money out that Peter Popoff has asked the people for, writes the prayer requests on the envelope,and sends them to us who would type them into the database. The coffee shop line quoted above will be mass produced, word for word on each letter for about sixty thousand people at a time. All the while people think that they are sending him money to advance the work of god, and that in return he is praying for them. Peter Popoff is not only not praying for these people, he doesnt even know who they are.

There are so many people being defrauding that they have this giant database. When you go to a car dealership, it is fraud if the mechanic tells you he fixed the car and charges you for it when he didnt even see the car. Same concept. This money that is supposed to be going to the “work of god” is actually buying Peter Popoff and his Son in Law Jason Cardiff fancy cars, designer clothes, and I imagine pretty large houses. All the while there are people who have faith in a person that is screwing them over and not helping them with their prayers and deepest concerns. They are both a real sweet peice of work.

Peter Popoff in the past has been indicted by the FBI for fraud, yet he is still at it. It is also rumored that Peter Popoffs funds are funding the start up of the Kelly Media Advertising Agency, in which they are being misused. Ontop of the fruad, they are hiring illegals to stuff envelopes. When I was hired I was not asked to provide a social security card at all. Fortunatly for them I am legal, but I know of more than one of my co-workers that are not. – Source

Kelly Media Group

Peter Popoff is the father of Nick Popoff from Kelly Media Group. Kelly Media also happens to have designed Peter Popoff’s Ministry website. Coincidentally the donations made from Popoff’s religious website use Jason Cardiff’s merchant account ([email protected]) Jason Cardiff is, surprise, the son in law of Peter Popoff. – Source

Cardiff’s group was actively marketing debt settlement and loan modification services. Doing God’s work?

READ  Peter Popoff Ministries - Consumer Complaint - January 30, 2017

Here is a call that was attributed the YouTube channel with the other Kelly Media Group and Jason Cardiff videos, the “Full Service Marketing Company” channel for DebtAdvisor09. This video is said to be Edward Thomas from America’s Debt Solutions. The video promises callers there is no charge for debt settlement, free government grants are available, the company has pre-negotiated rates with the major banks, no impact to your credit score, and no liability to the consumer. For someone who is the founder of a debt solution company, you’d think they would be able to get the basic facts right.

The video, on Cardiff’s YouTube channel purports to be that of Edward Thomas, but isn’t that really Jason Cardiff. Cardiff owns a company called Edward Thomas Ministries.

And unbelievably, Cardiff here is telling consumers looking for loan modification help to ONLY work with companies that DON’T have refund policies.

Jason Cardiff is also involved with – Source. Cash For Gold Now happens to use a PO Box at the very same location as Peter Popoff does, PO Box 40, Upland, CA 91785. – Source, Source.

The Alleged Church Location

I believe that PUC stands for People United for Christ, Inc. and on the last publicly available non-profit tax return from 2005, the address was used for PUC. On that return the domain of the organization was which now points to the site for Peter Popoff Ministries. – Source

The company states it’s current address is at 550 College Commerce Way, Upland, CA 91786 and a street shot of that address shows it to be located in an semi-industrial area.

Peter Popoff Exposed

The Mailer Pitch

As part of a court case, one of the mailers Popoff uses to extract money from victims was reveled.

My favorite line in the pitch has to be the request for money. “You can’t come before God with empty hands.” Unfortunately the full hand desired in the pitch is a “seed gift” of $20.00.

Here is what the homeless woman that filed this case wrote in her own handwriting. She wanted the $5,000 she gave, back.

The quack Prophet Peter Popoff was on National TV in May of 2004.

He advertised a small pouch of water which he claimed to be “holy water” from Rome. He claimed anyone who called the number displayed on the TV will receive the pouch of water in the mail. This water he claimed will give you good luck and will make you a millionaire.

He said he had a church called “People United for Christ” with a PO Box 760, Upland, CA 91785-9968 address.

I send this said ministry several checks. This alleged ministry somethimes submits checks I give two times and on two occassions had my bank account closed.

Instead of good luck the prophet promised me after using the “holy water” I had bad luck, loosing my job, my car was vandalized, became homeless, lost my drivers license and my nursing assistant certification. My husband left me and my kids all by ourselves. – Source

God’s Frequency is 39.17 MHz

By Al Seckel – Originally published in Science and the Paranormal, 1987

For centuries, religious people have claimed that they have engaged in direct communications with God. Wouldn’t it be interesting just once to tap into those private and personal conversations? It happens that a group of researchers, sponsored by the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion (CSER), a new offshoot of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) lead by special investigator and magician James Randi, has managed to actually capture on tape some of those “divine” conversations between God and well-known television evangelist and faith healer Reverend Peter Popoff!

The first words were captured by a secret team of researchers as the Reverend Peter Popoff of Upland, California, stepped onto a stage at San Francisco’s Civic Auditorium, where he was about to start a faithhealing service that would be videotaped for his weekly national broadcast. The team heard (and captured on tape) an affectionate feminine voice from above: “Hello, Petey. I love you! I’m talking to you. Can you hear me? If you can’t you’re in trouble, ’cause I’m talking as well as I can!” (Her voice suddenly becomes businesslike.) “I’m looking up names right now.”

This secret team of two was located in a hidden section of the auditorium complex. It consisted of Alec Jason, an electronics expert, and his assistant Bob Steiner. Jason was giving the thumbs-up sign to Steiner as they began a number of surreptitious recordings designed to expose how Reverend Peter Popoff was able to “divinely” recite personal details about audience members and their afflictions during his popular faith-healing services.

Peter Popoff, like many faith healers, calls out the names, illnesses, and sometimes addresses of people at his crusades, then “lays hands” on them and prays for their healing. The impression given at such services is that the information comes directly from God; indeed, a magazine distributed by Popoff’s organization described an audience member being “called out by the Spirit for healing.” Those in the audience are so impressed by Popoff’s “Gift of Knowledge” that they break into applause. The subjects picked are so overwhelmed that they often break into tears. One woman who was “healed” at one of the meetings and later interviewed by CSER stated: “I know he is real from the way he talked. He actually knew my address and had nonotes to look at! he is real, all right!”

Evangelist/healer Peter Popoff has headquarters in Upland, California, whence he sends out slick fund-raising literature that is generated and printed by computer to appear as if it were personally typed and signed. Those on Popoff’s mailing list have received Russian currency, handkerchiefs, and red felt hearts to be carried or worn, then each to be sent back with a check attached. Special envelopes and endless appeals for the emergency needs of his ministry arrive every week. Each is personalized by the computer, which drops the recipient’s first name into the text occasionally after the salutation “Brother.” Sometimes the letters start off typed, and in an ensuing page turn into what appears to be a handwritten request for money from Reverend Popoff himself. This “handwriting” is printed as well.

A man preparing to enter the Popoff crusade in San Francisco in February was approached by a TV interviewer, “Why are you coming to see Reverend Popoff?” he was asked. “Peter wrote to me,” replied the man, “and wanted me to come here today for a special message God has for me.” He was blissfully unaware that thousands of persons in the Bay area received identical letters – identical, that is, except for the personalized effect generated by Popoff’s computer.

These slick mail campaigns have paid off. Popoff is seen nationwide on 51 television outlets and heard on 40 radio stations, and has an average monthly budget of $550,000, according to his business manager.

Popoff’s effect on his followers is so great that on several occasions he has asked his audience to “break free of the Devil” by throwing their medications up onto the stage. Dozens of people have come forward and tossed their medicine bottles onto the platform. Prescriptions for digitalis, nitroglycerine tablets, oral diabetes medication, and many unidentified pills were discarded by people who might have needed such substances to stay alive.

When world-famous magician and psychic investigator James Randi and his close magician friend Steve Shaw first attended a Popoff healing, they noticed that Popoff “called out” people from the audience fast and accurately. He gave their ailments, named relatives, and even threw in an occasional street address for good measure. After Randi and Shaw had observed Popoff dealing with twenty or so people, it was obvious to them that Popoff was not using some mnemonic device. Shaw told Randi, “He’s got something else going for him, and I think I know what I have to do. Randi agreed and sent Steve to get a closer look at Popoff. Steve noticed that Popoff was wearing a hearing aid in his left ear. (That device is somewhat unusual for someone who claims to be able to perform miraculous healings.) “You can see the shiny plastic in there, clear as can be, ” Shaw told Randi.

Since Popoff had a tiny receiver of some sort in his left ear, Randi needed an electronic surveillance expert. He enlisted the help of San Francisco based Alec Jason, who had extensive experience in police, detective, and intelligence work. A few weeks later, Popoff came to San Francisco. The day before his show, Jason visited the Auditorium with a twenty thousand dollar computerized scanning system, which Jason left turned on for a couple of hours.

Jason’s electronic scanner is useful to locate anything new that is being broadcast. It works by going through all the radio frequencies, and memorizes essentially everything that is on the air. The scanner would be brought back when Popoff was performing, and it would automatically compare the different broadcast signals. Everything that it had heard before, it would ignore – so it would just look for new signals. The idea was to save time.

Alec Jason and his assistant, Bob Steiner, had hardly set up the tape recorder and turned on the scanner before the scanner zeroed in on frequency 39.17 Megahertz (MHz). The feminine voice boomed loud and clear over their private earphones, “Hello, Petey. I love you! I’m talking to you. Can you hear me? If you can’t, you’re in trouble, ’cause I’m talking as well as I can!” (Her voice suddenly becomes business like.) “I’m looking up names right now.” Jason and Steiner knew that they had struck pay dirt! The funny thing about it was that it turned out that God was a woman; God spoke on frequency 39.17 MHz (in a band width normally used only by police and fire departments); and God sounded exactly like Popoff’s wife Elizabeth!

With the help of the scanner, Jason and Steiner were able to hear and record the entire conversation.

Elizabeth: “Way over to the other side on the other balcony is Josephine Parino. Run all the way over to the right side now. Josephine Parino. Josephine Parino.”

READ  Peter Popoff Ministries - Consumer Complaint - January 30, 2017

Popoff asks the assembled worshipers: “Who’s Josephine?”

Elizabeth: “Parino.”

Popoff: “Parino.”

Josephine Parino identifies herself.

Elizabeth: “She’s got cancer of the stomach.”

Transcribing the tape later on, Randi, Jason, and Steiner heard such comments as: “I have a hot one for you. Robert Kaywood. He’s got a chest condition that needs surgery. Robert Kaywood. Kaywood. Kaywood. He needs surgery. His veins aren’t formed. He prays that God will heal him today.” Later on, they heard: “Dear, she…no, she should be there on your right side. Right side. No, that’s not her! No, that’s not her! In the blue… Oh! That might be here. Okay. She lives at 4267 Masterson, and she’s praying for her daughter Joy, who’s allergic to food.” This was followed by laughter from Elizabeth and Pam, the wife of Reeford Shirrell (Popoff’s number two man). Elizabeth Popoff was out of the audience’s view but apparently able to see her husband via TV monitors.

Elizabeth Popoff speaks: “Reeford’s got a hot one!” (Laughter.) “Reeford’s so excited! He came running in back here and scared us half to death! You ready for a hot one? Okay! Want a hot one? Hot one! Hot off the press! Ruby Lee Harris. Ruby Lee. She is standing in the far back where there’s no chairs. (Long pause) “…Ruby Lee Harris. She’s against the back wall. She’s got lumps in her breast. You might want to whisper it – have her walk down! Have her run up there. Run! Oh! Look at her run! (Loud laughter) “she’s got knots in her breast.” (Laughter and giggles.) “A home run! A home run!” (Then, later on, giggles are heard, and Pam speaks.) “At any rate, she should kick him in the face!” (giggles) (Elizabeth speaks.) “Pam says to make her – Pam thinks that you should should have her kick him in the face (Giggles.)

The team recorded hours of conversations in which Elizabeth Popoff radioed to her husband personal details that she and other aides gathered from the audience in conversations before the service and from prayer request cards filled out there. Elizabeth Popoff and several aides would scout the audience looking for “hot” ones. They would ask them, “Is Jesus going to heal you? And what’s your name, and where do you live? Have you had this condition long?” They would write all this information down on cards, which later on Elizabeth would recite during the service via her concealed transmitter. She carried the power source in a large handbag, and the transmitter and microphone were hidden under her blouse.

Randi, however, needed incontrovertible evidence that this was the way the information was conveyed. Randi enlisted the help of many volunteers in several cities to adopt false names and diseases and act like “hot” ones. That plan worked beautifully. Randi’s stooges were approached and questioned by Elizabeth Popoff. During the show, Popoff called out the false names and diseases in exactly the order that Elizabeth Popoff had approached them. She didn’t even bother to shuffle the cards!

One stooge, Don Henvick, was exceptional. Don dressed in various disguises, going even so far as to shave his beard and head.He was able to present a convincing and tempting target for the faith healers by his fine acting. In San Francisco, the Reverend Popoff call him out as a bearded man under the assumed name “Tom Hendry,” and”cured” him of a “broken home and that bondage to alcohol.” In Anaheim, Don (this time bald and clean-shaven scored again when Popoff fell for another of his aliases, this time calling him out as “Vergil Jorgenson,” and attempting to heal a bogus “serious arthritic condition.” Subsequently, Popoff, apparently enthralled by Henvick’s powerful performance as a “man possessed by the Holy Spirit,” broadcast both of these healings on his shows!

Randi next instructed Don to be cured of a disease that he couldn’t possibly have. They settled on uterine cancer! To have uterine cancer you need a uterus. To have a uterus you need to be a woman. Don went around to various thrift stores looking for dresses. Friends helped him with the makeup. The last stop was to obtain a wheelchair so that Popoff could call him (her?) out as “Bernice Manicoff.” Scott Morris, an editor at Omni, went along as “her son.”

After they entered the auditorium for the show, they situated themselves in the aisle close to Elizabeth Popoff. There were told that the chair was blocking the aisle and so they moved around to a couple of other places before they were directed to the orchestra pit, where two empty wheelchairs were parked. Two women with canes walked into the pit and sat in the empty wheelchairs (the chairs were rented by Popoff). One of the women remarked, “I guess this is where they want us to sit.” Later both women were called out, and a big deal was made out of the fact that they can walk, which is how they got into the rented wheelchairs in the first place. Praise the miracles of Peter Popoff!

Don – or should we say – “Bernice”? – sent her “son” to speak to Elizabeth to give her a story that “mom” would sure like to say “Hi!” but can’t walk that far from her wheelchair without getting tired. Elizabeth made a note of it and sent Brother Reeford over. Aside from pleasantries, he asked two questions: “How long have you been in that wheelchair?” and “Can you walk at all?” People who can’t walk are given short shrift, but when “Bernice” told him that she’d been in the wheelchair for a couple of years “off and on,” and “Oh, yes, I can walk a little,” Reeford obtained her name and the fact that her doctors think that “Beatrice” might have uterine cancer and that she feels much better whenever she watches Rev. Popoff on TV.

The suspense grew during the show as the healing progressed until finally Popoff stood five feet in front of Don and called his alias, “Bernice Manicoff.” He promised to burn the cancer out of her body. He laid hands on “Bernice” and Don gave his his most ladylike shriek as he was shocked by the power of the Holy Ghost. Popoff then commanded “Bernice” to rise out of the wheelchair and walk! Don staggered to his feet and walked back and forth across the stage to the loud cheers of the crowd. Don’s performance was perfect – almost.

It was only later that Don learned what had been said about him on the secret transmission.

Elizabeth: “Bernice. Bernice Manicoff. Manicoff. The woman with hair on her face. She’s in a wheelchair and can walk…”

After Don rose from the wheelchair and started to walk, Elizabeth started screaming to Popoff via the secret transmitter: “That’s the guy from Anaheim! He’s a stooge! It’s a man – a man! Get away from him! That’s the guy from Anaheim! Drop him fast!”

Upon hearing this, Randi and the other investigators felt that it was time to wrap things up. They had already hours and hours of taped conversations and lots of other damning evidence. The investigation had already lasted six months, involved over sixty volunteers, and had sent teams of investigators into faith-healing meetings in such far-flung cities as Rochester, Brooklyn, Houston, Stockton, Anaheim, Sacramento, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, and Ft. Lauderdale – teams that have uncovered a shocking tale of trickery and deceit on the part of several popular faith healers who have used their religious authority and media coverage to mislead millions of people.

Randi was scheduled to do an appearance on Johny Carson’s Tonight Show. Randi reasoned that this would be a wonderful place to break the news. The Tonight Show had an audience in the millions, and Randi knew that Carson was sympathetic to Randi’s work. The show was a success, and Carson and the audience loved it. Randi received a tremendous ovation from the studio audience, and in the ensuing weeks Carson received a tremendous amount of postive mail, including an improving letter from Jerry Falwell. Randi profited too. Seven thousand orders for his book Flim -Flam came in during the next few days. It all goes to show that some people want to hear what’s going on.

There were a a few people, who, the day after the Carson broadcast, were not so pleased. The press had latched onto Randi’s revelation and had started deluging the Popoff ministry with phone calls. Popoff issued a formal, prepared statement from his headquarters: “Everything Amazing Randi has said is not true. We were already considering legal action because we knew he was faking miracles at the crusades for his own purposes. Peter Popoff Evangelistic Association is being attacked, but we are not alone. This group has also targeted Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts, Jimmy Swaggart, and Pat Robertson, in addition to Reverend Popoff. We would like to ask Christians to pray concerning this attack on all these Christian organizations. This man is a magician and is using these tactics to get publicity for a book that he is writing to discredit God’s work. We believe that God will not allow this attack on his ministry to continue.”

When the Popoff ministry was asked whether Popoff used a secret receiver in his ear, Janice Gleason, a public relations consultant for the Popoff organization, said that the electronic receiver in Popoff’s ear was used only to keep in touch with the television crew. (In the hours of taped transmissions, there was not one communication with the television crew.) Gleason said she believed that the woman’s voice heard on the Tonight Show was faked. But Popoff later admitted that it was his wife who was communicating with him. Popoff compared his ministry to a TV game show. “It’s just like The Price is Right; they expect to be called down,” he said. “This is a very effective format for television.” Popoff, however, perhaps because of the notoriety, decided to abandon this “game show” format, a least temporarily: his last few television broadcasts have contained no displays of his “Gift of Knowledge.” – Source

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  • I didn’t know he was a scammer till after I sent tons of money for seeds about a year and never received any miracle money promised to me, all that time while he gave excuses for me failing to receive money and maxed out my credit cards on him when ran out of cash and I needed that money to advertise my shopping web site so I can get some sales since had no sales since 2007 and just before I moved in Dec 2016 I sent him a thousand dollars in cash. Then a few weeks later was searching something online when I seen where he was a scammer, boy I could kick my own azz for falling for his trap during 2016. After I moved I received 2 more of his letters in Jan 2017 and never replied back yet.

    • If a person has common sense, they wouldn’t fall for this kind of crap. Can I sell you a bridge in Brooklyn? If people got their heads out of their asses, they would see what’s truly going on in this world.

  • Peter popoff is very entertaining to watch. Very funny to watch I enjoy watching it it’s amazing how stupid people are to believe his pitch

  • It’s a shame because he is suppose to be a profit but he’s a devil instead. People are losing their family, houses, jobs, cars, etc; all because of his phony ministries. Shame on you Popoff & your son inlaw!

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