Midland Funding Sued Me For My Target Visa and The Issued Me a 1099. – Charlenia

“Dear Steve,

In 2006, Midland Funding started mailing me letter about a dept Visa from Target, I advised them another Dept collection had agreed to a pay off and that the Dept was paid. Letter in 2007 they begain sending me bills again, I did not respond.

Then I was served to by them for the same Dept. On July 17,2008 Midlang Funding filed suit for a past due Target Visa, I couldn’t located my paper work so I agreed to a to pay off. I have copies of the Order Approving Stipulation also I have the Notice of Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice dated 9-10-08 after that I got my credit report, I was very upset to see Midland had reported the same dept on 4/09.

I had Equifax flag my account . I call Midland and spoct to Mr.John he told me that the bill was for my Target Visa. I sent them a copy and thought every thing was working good. But this weely I recieved a 1090c, I dont know what to do.

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i NEED HELP! I 1st want to thany you for info on your sitr I’m going to write Equifax, but what else can I do. Can they be held at fault,they need to be. I can scan the dismissial ltr and report if you need them


Dear Charlenia,

It sounds like you entered into a payment arrangement to repay the debt under the stipulation agreement. Did you repay the debt in full under that agreement? Did you fall behind in your payments and maybe default?

The reporting of the debt on the credit report isn’t necessarily a red flag if the debt was reported correctly. It should appear on your credit report but it should reflect the date you originally became delinquent on the debt. It does not sound like the debt is reported a second time.

Can you please post more information in the comments section below?

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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