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Military Debt Management Agency – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below.

The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are some potential questions you might be able to provide feedback about.

  • How did you feel about the customer service experience you received?
  • Was the company easy to communicate with before or after you became a client?
  • Did the company respond to your communications promptly?
  • What were the fees charged for the services you received?
  • Did the company give you the terms and conditions for the program you were interested in before you gave them any personal information?
  • Was the program successful for you and accomplish the goals you had when you entered the program?
  • Did you have a really good experience you can share?
  • Did you have a bad experience you want to share?
  • Is there any other information you’d like people to know that might be considering the services of this company?

It is important to understand when reading comments below that they are the opinions of the individual posters and may not be representative of the overall impression of all consumers that may have or have not used the debt relief services of this company. But everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to express their opinion, even the debt relief company itself, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Military debt management help me get all that credit card debt paid off. it was alot cheaper and easier than trying to work with my creditors directly. The banks arent easy to talk to when i owed so much money. It was nice that Military Debt Management did all that for me and all i had to do was maintain my one payment a month. I’d recommend their services.

  • Non Profit Organizations still charge fees. They have to stay in business somehow. The fees for this company are more than fair. You can refuse to pay the fees, and instead pay huge fniance charges to the banks every month instead. I think I would rather pay a small monthly fee, instead of paying some bank, some ridioculously high interest rate. They tell you exactly what the fee is, also. They have 9,000 plus clients, and 3 complaints. I don’t see any problems.

  • They helped me get rid of all that credit card debt I had. I sat down with someone from their office with my statements and worked out a good repayment plan. im happy with them.

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  • Military Debt is a company that I trust & would recommend to anyone that requires that particular type of debt help.

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