Credit Answers Still Pushing Debt Mediation Initiative. USOBA Kicks Them Out.

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following mailer that went out recently to consumers. It is another version of the Credit Answers mailer I covered in Credit Answers Hides Behind DMI Mailer to Consumers.

The mailer included a link that led to a web page that used the USOBA logo as you can see in the screen movie below.

The USOBA logo was also used in the marketing material sent out in the story linked above.

A huge hat tip is owed to USOBA for taking action. After brining this to the attention of the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives, the executive director, Jenna Keehnen, issued the following statement.


Thank you for bringing any and all USOBA membership violations to our attention. It is difficult, if not impossible to know what every member is doing all of the time. We appreciate reports like yours and the reports we receive from consumers as they help us to better police our membership.

As for your specific question regarding Credit Answers, LLC and member status: Credit Answers, LLC has been terminated as a USOBA member for violating one or more policies, directives or membership agreement sections.

Again, thank you and please do not hesitate to bring future issues to our attention.

Jenna Keehnen
Executive Director

So shame on you Credit Answers but a big hug goes out to USOBA for doing the right thing. [Insert applause here.]


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10 thoughts on “Credit Answers Still Pushing Debt Mediation Initiative. USOBA Kicks Them Out.”

  1. I’m shocked, USOBA is still around? Last I heard they were joining up with TASC to create a super-useless, has-been trade association.

    I see USOBA has still not updated its website, still not a single mention of the advance fee ban, tsr, regulation, anything like that. Maybe they’re just too busy planning their next convention.


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