Hutton & Dougherty. An Interesting Approach.

A tipster (send in your tips here) brought a company called Hutton & Dougherty to my attention.The company is actually Hutton-Dougherty, Inc, a California corporation. Douglas Scott Hutton is an officer and Gerard M Dougherty is the registered agent. – Source. Gerard Dougherty is a lawyer in California. – Source. It does not appear that Hutton is a lawyer. He is not registered with the sate Bar.

Hutton-Doughtery is promoting the following debt settlement package deals which appears to solicit payment in advance of settling debt for those that select the package to pay down the settlement fee.

What I found interesting is the agreement says the company providing the services is “The Offices of Hutton & Dougherty” but that is not the name of the corporation in California. It is Hutton-Dougherty, Inc.

The full client agreement can be viewed here.


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