Betterment is Now My Favorite Place to Save Money

I typically don’t recommend financial products and services unless I’ve tested them out. In fact I can’t think of any that I’ve not tested.

Nine months ago I found out about a new company that wanted to turn investing on its head and make it super simple. They’ve also made just boring old saving money easy on top of making investing for higher returns so simple anyone can do it.

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What I am about to share with you may certainly not be the typical result but it is the result I’ve earned since I first started. As of today my rate of return with my Betterment account is 20% since I opened my account nine months ago. That’s right. my test account has returned a twenty percent return during my testing phase.

Here is how I see this as beneficial to all, even if you are digging your way out of debt.

  1. It is easy to transfer money in or out online.
  2. You can make deposits manually or you can setup an automatic transfer.
  3. The rates of return will be significantly higher than a traditional bank savings account which is paying less than 1% right now.
  4. You can use this account to start to build your emergency fund, even as you are getting out of debt.

You are free to do what you want but as of last week I closed out my ING savings account and moved my savings to Betterment.

Jon Stein, the founder and CEO, and I have been emailing over this time and it looks like they have developed a very interesting and work investigating platform for easy saving and investing. I plan to do an interview with Jon in the near future.

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