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More Supernatural Debt Reduction With Todd Coontz of Rockwealth Ministries

Every since I wrote about Peter Popoff and his supernatural debt elimination prayer some of the television evangelists have hit my radar.

Todd Coontz of Rockwealth Ministries was pitching essentially a donation for business success / debt elimination approach. What caught my ear was his use of “God supernaturally gave him the money.” It sounded like a line straight out of the Popoff pitch.

Coontz even encourages people to not donate to their own church but instead donate it to him, “I was thinking about sowing the $1,000 in my own church. God said “oh no” you don’t sow it in your own church, sow it into Todd because he has an anointing for increase. And the anointing you sow in to is the anointing you have a right to.”

Hit pitch is if you give him $1,000 it will multiply three fold and you will receive it back.

Coontz is also owner of Coontz Investments & Insurance. – Source

In the commercial above he clearly tells viewers that if they give $1,000 “something is going to happen” and return to them. Coontz says, “God is going to give you a real estate miracle.” He also says that your business will turn around.

The commercial says in fine print, “Miracles are blessings of God and Inspiration Ministries does not guarantee miracles for everyone that gives.”

The call center shown in the pitch is actually that of Inspiration Networks at 3000 Worldreach Drive
Indian Land, SC 29707. – Source

In no way am saying not to embrace your religious beliefs. What I am saying is that when you are in financial trouble the statements made by some people on religious television may lead you to give up your last remaining money in hopes of receiving a magic cure for your debt problem.

Be careful and informed.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Saw him on Utube talking about obeying Malachi 3:8-910. Trouble is unless Todd Coo Coo is a Jew living in the days of Malachi God was not talking to him a Gentile. We gentiles got in under a New Covenant where by Jesus paid in full for any blessing we need. Jesus said Paid in full on the cross Mr. Todd Coo coo and your stupid fans.. paid in full does not mean Pay in full as liar Todd Coo Coo would have gullible bible illiterates to believe!
    If you are in Christ you have the favor of God paid in full by Jesus on the cross not by sending Todd Coo Coo your cash.

  • Todd Coo Coo makes gullible bible illiterates think giving to him is giving to God. Like W. C. Fields the late comedian said, there is a sucker born every minute.

  • I know several multimillionaires and not one of them gave a nickel to these tv preachers! Only the poor are desperate enough to believe the liars mike murdock and todd coontz. Mike and todd “rob widows of their money” to make themselves rich. The multimillionaires keep their money in their own bank accounts and business investments and real estate holdings that pay them every month. When will mike and todd show us the documentation for their lying claims? They cannot because they’re the only ones getting rich from the suckers who believe them. Those two hucksters should be prosecuted for FRAUD just as much as Bernie Madoff!

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