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We Made Some Payments on Old Debt. – Chris

“Dear Steve,

live in Oklahoma, my current husband has debt collectors calling. Two of them he had made some payments to in 2009 and never validated the debt he was harrassed and felt guilty so he made some payments when he could but has not made payments in awhile due to marriage and two instant kids and paycuts. The other is one that just started calling and was in default in sept 2007 but a payment was made in march but on his credit report it shows default date sept 07 and 30 days past due started on feb 08, i have sent DV letter to Frontline Asset on feb 14,2011.

Since he made payments on those other two accounts one has been turned to another collection agency, can i still send a DV letter these accounts were charged off. Although he made payments if they can’t verify would it give me a little more grounds if it goes to court?


Dear Chris,

The payments may have started the statute of limitations all over again. I would advised you to check with a local attorney licensed in your state for legal information.

If the attorney informs you the credit can still go after this debt then requesting verification of the debt is an appropriate next action to take.

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