Steve Rhode is a Scam and GetOutOfDebt.org Sucks

I thought it was important to have one article on this site I could point my detractors to instead of having to say the same thing over and over again to some commenters. So here is the article.

First of let me say, I am not a scam and if you feel the site sucks, that is entirely your prerogative.

What I find puzzling is some people come back repeatedly to disagree with this or that, isn’t the solution simple? If you don’t like the site, don’t read it? But if you want to enter into a levelheaded and rational discussion about an article you read, I welcome your feedback in the comments. What I don’t enjoy are the threats to harm me or my family, or the death threat(s) I’ve received.

It is interesting that detractors to this site in comments appear not to be consumers or regulators who read this site. The negative comments against this site and me appear almost entirely by people who run/ran debt relief companies that may have been involved in something I wrote about or who were carrying out a similar effort.

What some readers don’t understand is that I don’t go out and seek out a company to write about. These days nearly 100% of the stories are generated by an email from mostly from this or that anonymous tipster (send in your tips here) who sent me a concern or information they feel I need to know.

I’d say about 90% of that information I receive never gets published because I don’t print unsubstantiated explosive rumors I can’t verify with a second source.

For those that might be involved in some form of debt relief that I wrote about, and you hate that I did, I offer a simple suggestion. If you are doing something that you don’t want people to know about, don’t do it.

The other category some people that think I’m a scam get upset about is if I write about some action their company or a company they know is doing that appears to be breaking some rule or law. To that I say if you were doing something wrong, instead of having a hissy fit, own the change and fix it.

It is quite possible the reason some of these debt relief industry insiders get upset by this site is that the exposure means the jig is up. The gravy train based on harm and deception is over. Consumers have been informed or warned.

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Debt relief companies that operate outside the boundaries of regulations and laws, don’t harm me per se, they harm the field of debt relief, harm good companies that do operate in accordance with regulation and laws and, most importantly, they harm a disadvantaged class of consumers at their weakest time.

The goal of this site is twofold. First, I answer reader questions that want an expert opinion about their situation. I’ve answered thousands of those questions here. Second, I write about debt relief industry issues or news consumers should be aware of.

And what makes me an expert on the debt relief industry? Good question. And to that I offer this.

To those that get upset about an article that involves or names a specific entity, you will find my article is sourced and contains supporting information or links to it. If you find that some underlying source material is incorrect I invite you to address those concerns with the source that generated the referenced material.

Another bone of contention, right before someone insults my lineage (LOL), is to complain about the ads on the site. Yes, the ads suck. No, I don’t have any control over who appears. You can read my novella on the ads and how they operate, here. The ads help fund this site. If you don’t like them or some that might be running an ad, don’t click on them. Ad underwritten revenue is the way media outlets operate. If you clicked on that link I just gave you, you’ll see that The Washington Post and New York Times run Google ads as well.

Bottom line: this site not a scam, I am not a scam and I welcome your adult participation and educated discussions in the comments for those that have information to share.

And for Your Continued Reading

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