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Debt Relief Scammer, Sovereign Citizen Unto Himself, Headed to Jail. TN Attorney Fell for His Debt Renegotiation Scheme.


A Tennessee businessman, Charles McKuhn, Jr. was found guilty of scamming consumers and churches out of advanced fees for debt reduction, debt consolidation and foreclosure prevention services.

McKuhn had claimed his company Taurian Worldwide, Inc. (TWI) has some arrangement to use government bailout dollars to assist people in financial trouble. He also continued his ruse through Interstate Capital Trust, Commercial Solutions Consulting Agency, TWO Financial, TWI Financial Tristate, and Intersec Capital Trust. – Source

The indictment for McKuhn said:

McKuhn defrauded “…various individuals and institutions, by representing himself as a legitimate debt reduction service, and international private banker, able for a front-end fee to reduce the debt owed by individuals and institutions and establish lines of credit and secured loans for building projects.”

Pastors of churches caught in McKuhn’s debt relief scam has paid dearly for promised services. One church had been promised a line of credit if they would pay a fee of $102,000 up front. They unfortunately did.

Another church wired $270,000 to an account controlled by McKuhn in an effort to restructure the current debt of the church. – Source

McKuhn tried to ply the Freeman, Strawman defense that rules over him were not effective because he was a sovereign citizen all of his own.

I hereby expressly authorize Taurian, its employees, or agents to:

  1. Disclose any information concerning my financial condition and status, including but not limited to income, debts, creditors, earnings, assets, phone numbers, and residential and work addresses to any creditor listed by me and to other unaffiliated financial institutions unless I give written direction to the contrary or as otherwise required by law; and
  2. Obtain whatever financial information concerning me as Taurian deems necessary from any creditors; and
  3. Obtain a copy of my credit report in order to enable Taurian to better assess my financial situation and thereby increase its ability to assist me in the negotiation of my debt. As a result, an inquiry will appear on my report. All information contained in my credit report will be considered confidential and used for legitimate business purposes under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


I authorize Taurian to act on my behalf and take any action it considers necessary and proper to protect my interests in connection with the negotiation of my debts. However, it is understood that there are no warranties regarding a successful outcome of the negotiation or the length of time required to complete a DMP or consider a matter and that any representations made by Taurian or its staff are opinions only. I am employing Taurian for its counseling services. Taurian will use its best efforts although no specific result is guaranteed. I understand that assistance rendered by Taurian includes credit counseling, negotiations, and a DMP. Taurian does not provide specific legal advice as such advice may be rendered only by an attorney. I understand that Taurian will negotiate with such creditors as are listed on the Client Questionnaire and which I provided. Taurian shall use its best efforts to reduce the interest, principle, or monthly payment amount as appropriate under the circumstances to allow me to restructure the debts.


For the consulting services of Taurian to represent me in the negotiation of certain debts on my behalf, I agree to pay Taurian a one-time fee of $__________________
for such services. – Source

Marketing Material From TWI

Franchises Were Sold and Representatives Recruited


It looks as if one representative bought the scam so much that they created a website for Taurian Worldwide Financials.

Taurian Worldwide Financials Archive

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