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Dubious Fax From The National Employee Benefits Group Sent to Avoid Mortgage Trouble

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following unsolicited fax they received from The National Employee Benefits Group (NEBG). The fax lists 202-403-0515 and 888-341-8999.

Interestingly that toll-free number is listed as the contact number for United Employee Benefits Group in Nevada as well as NEBG on their fax. – Source, Source

The fax claims to offer “expensive retainer costs” without the use of the code on the fax. Advanced fees for mortgage modification services are now illegal after passage of new rules by the FTC.

The fax also seems to promote some sort of debt settlement program as well. Again, an advanced or upfront fees for those services is illegal as well under the FTC telemarketing sales rules.

If you or someone you know gets this fax, tell them to Throw It in The Trash. My vote is to avoid the services promoted by any company using this marketing. is registered to:

Tim Gibbons
1560 You Road
Winton, CA 95388
[email protected]

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  • I used to work there a few years ago before the laws change.  I have helped numerous people settle their debt and modified many home loans.  They are legit, however they merged with United Employee Benefits Group towards the end of my employment.  Their fax used to be legal until the law changed.

  • This fax seems to come from your employer in company fax/ email labeled Office Memo. it says this is a Special Employee Benefit, which many companies legitimately have for their employees. Glad to see these types of scams are immediatley recognized and posted on the internet. Thanks.

  • Still the wild wild west….. almost a year later and they are still sending that same deceptive fax!! I really wish more regulators would read these articles, there’s no reason these scam artists should be allowed to continue doing business.  To paint a picture that you are an “Employee Benefits Group” to deceptively hide the fact that you are a selling a debt settlement program is absolutely disgusting !!  I’d be willing to bet that they aren’t even a DS company, this type of blatant lie/fraud/deception has to be the work of a lead generation company or an affiliate/front end sales company.  

  • I have to admit your complaints listed had me spooked for a minute since I had already signed up with this company. But upon further review I researched several sites and found that there was no where for me to confirm the legitimacy of these people or their existence. So my recommendation would be that you offer some kind of means to verify that what is be alleged actually occurred. Otherwise competitors or former employees with an axe to grind could use your service to mislead consumers.Anyway, upon finding this out I went to the BBB where I found that this compnay services thousands of clients a year and only had a few complaints in three years all resolved amicable through mediation with the BBB. This made me realize I had made a safe decision with this company and I am glad to report my home was modified and debts reduced as promised.I just wanted to thank you because your website exposed that i had not done enough to look int who I was doing business with. As it turned out upon a closer review I had made the right choice in selecting National Employee Benefits Group I just know now I should have done this due diligence before I signed up to begin with .investigating found that this company was legitimate and

    • Your comment, and the one 13 minutes previous both seem suspiciously like planted statements but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      So what part of the story spooked you?

      It seems all I did was point out facts from the fax. What statement are you disputing? Let’s discuss it openly.

      • Mr. Rhode, your suspicious nature is why you write these blogs, so I am sure you think they are planted statements. I just posted another blog on your other UEBG claims. 

      • The post I made here was one I wrote awhile ago on another site. I copy and pasted here, I did not want to have to rewrite something I already wrote…. So the spook part was related to another accusation I read. I should have edited that. 

        • You didn’t answer my question. Let’s talk facts.

          From your comment, nothing spooked you then in my posting.

          So then we are just left with what statements are you disputing?

      • Mr. Rhode, I just want people to know the truth. I have made that mission in my life. After the things they accomplished for me, they deserve better then to be bashed. Lets expose Bank of America who is fraud

    • I received a fax from them- OBVIOUS SCAM & looked them up on the BBB. There is NO listing for United Employee Benefits Group. I call BS

    • I received a fax from them- OBVIOUS SCAM & looked them up on the BBB. There is NO listing for United Employee Benefits Group. I call BS

  • I am a previous client of UEBG and these stated accusation’s are false. It was because of them the bank actually modified my home. They restructure your finances to provide a better opportunity of modification by the banks, they never claimed to modify mortgage’s as only a bank can modify a loan. You need to state your facts sir, this is propaganda non sense and people, please go to a better source before making judgement. 

  • Thank you for posting this.  I also received this fax from NEB.  The last thing someone struggling with financial difficulties is a scam artist!  What goes around comes around!

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