Let’s Play “Do They Comply” with this Covenant Debt Solutions Mailer

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the following mailer they received from Covenant Debt Solutions. So let’s play another round of “Do They Comply” and take a look at some of the claims made.

Feel free to weigh in by posting your observations and comments below.

I’ve pointed to some interesting areas and I’ll reserve comment for now till people get a chance to post their comments. The arrow pointed at the $12,538.88 might not be so obvious so let me do the math for you.

If the average settlement is less than 35%, I’ll say 34%, then the average settlement for the person in the mailer would be $6,623. That means the fees on this consumer would be about $5,900. And $12,538 is actually 63% of the starting balance.

For those that might be playing “Do They Comply” for the first time and not know where to look for the answers, this link will be helpful.

I did notice the mailer mentioned the National Debt Settlement Bureau which I have written about before. Click here to read that article.

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