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I’ve Been Hounded by Dell Computer for Eight Years for a Debt I Do Not Owe. – Thomas

“Dear Steve,

I have been hounded by Dell computer for about 8 years for a computer delivered to a person unknown in Tampa, FL. I have written to Dell (have cert. mail receipt) informing them I did not have any dealings with them, that I did not order or receive computer equipment and for them to provide me with proof that the debt was mine. I also filed a police report where I lived, Jax BEach, FL. Dell turned the debt over to a collection company and which I sent them a letter, same as the one to Dell. Also filed a complaint with the FTC.

Last contact from Dell was in 1996 until I received a 1099-C in FEB 2011. I called Dell and finally got a correct person after repeated calls and long hold times. I was told that they should have never sent the 1099-C to me and that a letter stating that would follow. I talked to the IRS and was informed Dell needs to send a corrected copy of the 1099-C to them showing 0 in block 2. I called Dell back and explained the I RS position and was told by Dell they will not send a corrected copy and that they have no access to past records as they have been retired.

My plan is to send a letter to Dell with copies of all documentation I mentioned plus a copy of a IRS form 3939-A accusing Dell for fraud. Also if I have to pay the plus $800 dollars I plan to file a Treasury complaint against the IRS.

Where do I go from here? The IRS position is if they receive a 1099-C then they expect me to enter it in my income tax and that will cost me for a fraudulent debt.


Dear Thomas,

Save the time and investment of time and find a local attorney to take this up with their legal department. The frontline folks are not the right ones to solve this colossal screw-up.

Your attorney may advise you there is a case to pursue to recover the expenses you have put into all of this. It’s time to cut to the finish line and stop wasting time with this.

This is one of those times that a good attorney is invaluable in getting the situation fixed.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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