Nearly $700,000 and 27 Months Jail Due From Texas Energy Company Bookkeeper for Embezzlement

More than $659,000 was embezzled by Constance Bexley Iwanski, a Texas energy company bookkeeper. Iwanski will face up to 27 months in federal prison and be required to pay the company their money back. Iwanski had been with the company for 31 years and had been solely in charge of the books for 17 years.

Between December 2002 and December 2008, Iwanski has admitted guilt for embezzling money in this time period. For six years she wrote “more than 100 checks to herself, forg[ed] signatures and deposit[ed] them into a bank account she controlled” averaging at a stolen $109,800 per year. Quite the self-declared Holiday Bonus if you ask me! The motive behind Iwanski’s actions is still unclear. – Source

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