Mass Joinder & Mass Litigation Affiliate and Marketing Information

In an effort to wrap my head around who are the current players in the marketing of mass joinder and mass litigation when it comes to mortgages I’m posting this article. This post draws no conclusions but is simply a repository of examples of this type of marketing.

If you have any additional examples, please post them in the comments below or send me a tip or upload documents using the confidential tip form.

The idea to have one place to post and comment on this information came to me during comment conversations with John Wright of PiggyBankBlog.com. John is also a named plaintiff in one of the mass joinder suits as he and others go after Bank of America.

This is also a follow-up to a previous article I posted that contains yet more examples. See “Mass Joinder Mortgage Lawsuits Just Got a Whole Lot More Foul Smelling.”

Companies Selling Mass Joinder Litigation

EZ Financial

Mass Joinder Litigation Ambassador – Scroll to bottom.

Form 1012

A mailer has been sent to consumers labeled as Form 1012 to solicit new clients into there suits. See this article for more information the Form 1012 mailers.

HomeLife Solution

This site appears to be very similar to others, including that of Loss Mitigations listed below. It says it is “in collaboration with K2 Law and Mitchell J. Stein and Associates.” – Source

How Can I Stay

HowCanIStay.org solicits consumers for mass joinder real estate suits. – Source

They also refer to their sales staff as ambassadors. – Source

This site is owned by Learner Park, LLC which also runs the UTIPainRelief.com site as well. – Source


Attorney J. Arthur Roberts is soliciting mass joinder cases for JP Morgan Chase EMC Mass Joinder Lawsuit. – Source

Participants must have:

  • you must be in foreclosure or have already lost your property. If you are not in foreclosure, an ASSIGNMENT must be filed on your title demonstrating a fake transfer.
  • you must have filed for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy within the last 3 years.
  • the property must be in California

Keep Us In Our Home

Alan Rhein as an ambassador of K2 law. The FAQ page he published regarding the “K2 Mass Joinder Law Suit.”

KeepUsInOurHom.com K2 solicitation page.

This site advertises a satisfaction guarantee in their Kramer & Kaslow client presentation when speaking about Mitchell Stein. – Source

Kramer & Kaslow aka K2 Law

Affiliate Login on K2 Law Site

K2 Law Ambassador Updates

These slides from the presentation shows Kramer & Kaslow and Mitchell Stein working together.

K2 Law Litigation Ambassador FAQ Document.

What is interesting is that the Kramer & Kaslow website lists a number of cease & desist letters that it sent out to other sites. – Source

It even lists the sites but what is intriguing is those sites appear to have been affiliates and recruiting clients for Kramer & Kaslow. The K2 site shows the cease & desist letters were sent out around February 8, 2011. There is even a letter that was sent to Matt Silverman, who was actively selling Kramer & Kaslow services as an ambassador.

Legacy Training Institute

Loan Litigation Training

Loan Litigation Program Fee Schedule & Compensation Plan

LossMitigations, LLC

The website LossMitigationsllc.com contains information about matching consumers with mass joinder cases. – Loss Mitigations LLC


This site appears to be an intake site for Kramer & Kaslow. – Source

Mass Litigation Alliance

The MassLitigation Alliance website includes Matthew Davis, Phillip Kramer, and Erik Woodbury. – Mass Litigation Alliance

Here is the publication they produce on Mass Joinder Litigation Services that shows the attorneys working together; Matthew Davis, Phillip Kramer, and Mitchell Stein.

This page also mentions that consumers must speak to an “ambassador” to join the litigation process.

The following statement was added by Mitchel Stein on his site regarding MLA.

The firm is unaffiliated with Mr. Matt Davis, Esq., and urges you to read the disclaimer set forth below and on the portion of this website entitled “Contact Us”. As of March 6, 2011, it has been reported to the Firm that Mr. Davis was or is involved with an organization of unknown origin called Mass Litigation Alliance. Several consumers have contacted the firm to inquire about Mr. Davis and statements allegedly made by Mr. Davis’ or his agents to the effect that the Firm is no longer accepting new clients. To the contrary and in the avoidance of any doubt, the firm is actively taking cases nationwide to stop what is the most significant and largest bank scandal in the history of this Country. The Firm’s intention is to not turn away any client unless and until the banks have ceased their unlawful conduct against United States citizens. The reports regarding Mr. Davis are emblematic of the industry-wide problem of identity theft and fraud, and that is why these matters are disclosed here in addition to the disclaimer sections set forth below and on the “Contact Us” pages.

As the names of additional Law Firms or Organizations are uncovered as unlawfully utilizing the Firm’s name or its marks, the Firm shall identify such entities and update this website at the first available opportunity. – Source

Mortgage Relief Center

The Mortgage Relief Center, Aaron Cushman and Steve Arnold, talks about their mortgage loan lawsuit and how they referral people to law firms. “In some instances Mortgage Relief Center may refer you to a law firm or attorney, but Mortgage Relief Center does not provide any legal services or representation, and may be paid by the law firm or attorney for its marketing services.” What is interesting is that disclaimer appears on a page title Mortgage Litigation Attorneys.

What caught my eye about this page was it referred to “ambassadors” as many of the other marketing affiliates do when talking about mass joinder litigation. – Source

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Property Solutions & Investments

This group runs the website SueYourLenders.com and is soliciting consumer information. – Source

SueMyBank.us – Matt Silverman

The SueMyBank.us is put together by Matt Silverman who has also published material identifying him as a Kramer & Kaslow ambassador. – Source

The SueYourBank.us home page can be seen here. His home page video solicits consumers to pay a fee and submit their case through the Mortgage Litigation Alliance.

Mass Joinder Affiliate Recruiting

HomeLife Marketing Agreement

Premier Equity Group dba HomeLife is looking for mass joinder affiliates.

The affiliate agreements says:

  1. Prospective Clients – ASSOCIATE-MANAGER agrees to obtain clients via executed Attorney Retainer Agreement with full or partial (to be determined) payment to K2 Law. Each prospective client must be provided to K2 Law via electronic delivery of such agreement and payment. HL agrees to inform ASSOCIATE-MANAGER immediately if a previous relationship exists between HL and the prospective client, in which case commissions may not be payable to the ASSOCIATE-MANAGER unless agreed to in writing by both parties. HL is not obligated to do business with any prospective client and is able to negotiate the contract terms that are acceptable to HL. Should HL and prospective client consummate a contractual agreement to do business within sixty days of the referral date, HL is obligated to pay commissions to ASSOCIATE-MANAGER as stated in this ASSOCIATE / MANAGER AGREEMENT. ASSOCIATES may not represent themselves as a Client. If you are enrolled under a MANAGER and you wish to personally utilize HL Consulting Services, you are the Client and your MANAGER is the ASSOCIATE of record and fees will be paid accordingly. Husband and Wife Teams or relatives are not approved to be paired as ASSOCIATE-MANAGERS.
  2. Prospective ASSOCIATES/ MANAGERS – YOU HAVE THE OPTION (SEE FEES AND COMMSIONS SCHEDULES BELOW) TO ACT IN THE ROLE OF AN ASSOCIATE/ PRACTITIONER or MANAGER/ TEAM BUILDER. ASSOCIATES role is to procure new clients while a MANAGER the option of obtaining additional ASSOCIATES under this agreement via a new ASSOCIATE / MANAGER AGREEMENT signed by the new ASSOCIATE(S). Each prospective ASSOCIATE/MANAGER AGREEMENT must be provided to HL via personal delivery, fax or email. HL agrees to inform ASSOCIATE immediately if a previous relationship exists between HL and the prospective ASSOCIATE, in which case fees and commissions are not payable to you as a MANAGER unless agreed to in writing by both parties. HL is not obligated to do business with any prospective ASSOCIATE/ MANAGER and is able to negotiate the terms that are acceptable to HL. – Source

Sales Job Positions

Below are some job postings for sales positions to sell mortgage litigation cases.

Brookstone Law


Earn 10K +/month – Exclusive Inbound Calls – Targeted Leads // Earn Money in your first week

Sue the lender and Stop Foreclosure! We are a Industry recognized Firm that provides our clients a ground breaking alternative to Loan Modification. We help people stay in their homes.

Top Loan Modification Sales Representatives wanted!
Only successful Loan Mod or Debt Settlement Sales Reps need apply.

What you need for this position:

– Top closer experience
– Loan Modification , Debt Settlement
– Strong Sales Skills, Excellent Communication Skills,
– Professionally aggressive, Driven to succeed, Money motivated

What we offer:

– Inbound Calls– Targeted Leads
– Professional Enviorinment
– TOP Commissions, 1500 to 4000 draw 1st 30 days
– Cash Bonuses
– Weekly Pay

onal, high energy sales environment
– Performance based promotions
Location: Costa Mesa
Compensation: TOP Commissions, 1500 to 4000 draw 1st 30 days – Source



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