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An Observation of Why a Lot of Internet Sites Get It Wrong

By on October 2, 2007
An Observation of Why a Lot of Internet Sites Get It Wrong

So I was just on the Income Hero blog and I found it to be yet another example of why a lot of Internet sites seem to get the basics wrong. On the net since 1994 I’ve learned that communication and the ability to easily connect is critical.

Now there are times when you want to shield yourself from the world and not be available but if you really want to connect with people and be accessible, you’ve got to find an easy way to be able to be contacted and the blog owner provides a good example of how not be contactable.

Here’s how I handle the contact issue. I used to put my email address out there but the spammers took care of killing that. In fact, my old primary email address is so spammed now that I had to execute it or as one poster said, they had to bankrupt their email and start over.
So what I do these days to be accessible is to allow people to contact me via an online form or professional network like LinkedIn. You can find all this information in the right hand column of this blog. At least that way those that want to reach me can, and those that want to sell me more Viagra, porn, income opportunities or whatever, don’t take the effort to complete a form or join the network.

I’ll have to admit that some of the communications I save in my UFB folder. For example, when people contact me with a business proposal that says “I want make money.” And that’s it. It either gets the quick email flush or gets stored away in my UFB folder. From time to time I go back and read those messages and shake my head,

But the upside is that by being able to be contacted you open yourself up to those wonderful messages of gratitude or opportunity that would have otherwise never been delivered.

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