I Wonder Where My Sister is and Who She is Today

The last time I talked to my sister was probably in 2002. The irony is that the very thing that I do, help people with money problems, caused a rift between us that seems too big to repair, although I’d like to.

Mary and her husband were having money issues and my parents wanted to find a way to help without giving her money again. I kept telling them to stop enabling her and let’s get to the bottom of the issue so we can fix it once and for all.

I told my parents that my staff and I would help Mary for free but I didn’t want her to not value the help she was going to get from the staff at Myvesta so I told my parents to tell Mary that they had paid for her to get help from us. I wanted Mary and her husband to not see this process as a freebie but to be committed to making changes and building a firm financial foundation.

To cut to the chase, Mary’s situation was difficult and was not going to improve with the amount she thought my parents had given my company to help her. As things tensed up and she was forced to make some dificult choices she called my mom and yelled at her on the phone about giving me the money instead of her. She hung up and that was the last my parents or I heard from her.

Rumor is that she moved but I don’t have a clue where and can’t find her. It is yet another sad story about how debt can tear relationships and families apart. I wonder if things would have been different if she knew that my staff and I had really invested the 200+ hours helping her for free out of love and concern for her.

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