Mesa Law Group Sending Out Form 1012-R Mass Joinder Mailer

An awesome tipster (send in your tips here) uploaded a copy of the Form 1012-R mass joinder mailer they received. They said:

After receiving 2 of these today I came to my computer to google the information which led me to your site. I did not find World Savings listed. I did however see your request for the entire mailing, so…. Not 1, but 2.

Note they both have the same red number of 2915217. Although… they each have a different “file Number” and their own “800” and/or “877” phone numbers! Only the one has the black print on the back hidden in the gray area starting out: ‘”This advertisement material has been prepared by The Law Office of Paul W. Petersen, dba Mesa Law Group”‘

If you received a form 1012-R mailer the California Bar Association wants to hear from you. Click here.

The postal permit on this one is 1076 from Santa Ana, California. You can see marketing information trying to sell mass joinder cases.

If anyone gets a mailer on mass joinder cases, please upload it to me here.

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