BBB Canada Issues Warning About U.S. Debt Settlement Companies, Vortex Debt Group and Cambridge Life Solutions

Looks like debt settlement troubles have headed up to Canada and a couple of U.S. based companies have made a noticeable splash.

A Canadian newspaper is warning consumers to be wary of two specific U.S. based debt settlement companies. The Now is reporting:

In the last two months, numerous companies identifying themselves as debt settlement experts or credit counsellors have begun advertising in the Lower Mainland, according to a press release, prompting hundreds of inquiries to the BBB.

One of those companies, a Florida-based organization called the Vortex Debt Group Inc., has been aggressively promoting its debt negotiation services. However, the company has a D rating with the BBB, based on 35 complaints filed against it.

Another company, California-based Cambridge Life Solutions Inc., has established a mailing address in Vancouver and has already generated more than 300 inquiries from consumers in just over a month. Both companies offer debt settlement services and require the majority of their fees to be paid in advance of negotiating consumers’ personal debt with creditors. – Source

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