I Was Looking at the Fingo Group But What Else Can I Do? – Gary

“Dear Steve,

Went online trying to find out about Fingo group and found your information.

Have approximately $175,00 in credit card debt. Am current on all payments and always have been. Don’t see any way I will ever get them paid off.

How do I find the right company to help me settle this debt. When loooking ay your site I find a lot of thngs that give me concerns about the debt settlement industry in general. Additionally what really happens to my credit if I take this path??


Dear Gary,

In order for you to reach favorable settlements you will find you will need to be behind with your creditors. This means you’ll be getting collection calls, possibly sued, it will hurt your credit, etc.

If you have cash on hand to settle that’s one things, but if you don’t then you are probably heading down a troubled path. But, investigating your options is a good thing.

Before you leap to make any rash decisions about the path to follow I suggest you ask the debt settlement pro in DIY section of the forum some questions. Visit DIY Debt Settlement. You can ask all of your questions anonymously and get some straight answers without a sales pitch.

If you want to explore debt settlement with a company that would handle everything for you then I suggest you look at one of the AACC member companies that have pledged to put consumers first.

You should also look at solutions that will allow you to get out of debt quickly in an organized way. I think the free solution at ReadyForZero.com is an exceptional tool to use. It can allow you to dig your way out of debt in such a way that it helps your credit rather than give you an intervention black eye.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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