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If Your Debt Settlement Has Recently Failed These Companies Are Offering You Help at a Very Low Cost.

Consumers that have found themselves facing a difficult time because their debt settlement company has gone out of business or filed bankruptcy, the debt settlement companies below are offer a life raft to help.

The companies below have indicated to me they are willing to take on a limited number of consumers who have the cash-on-hand to settle their accounts but have just been dropped by their old debt settlement company.

These companies have agreed to settle accounts for a flat rate of $199 per account as a public service to those consumers that have been displaced by a debt settlement company closure.

This is a very generous offer and the companies below are doing this because they care.

Keep in mind they will have to limit the consumers they can help in this program. There will be restrictions. If a company is no longer taking on clients in this program, call another one. You may need

Also, please provide feedback in the comments if you have a positive or negative experience with a participating company.

If you are looking additional low cost help in resolving your debt, look at the free DIY Debt Help section of this site.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Debt Settlement Life Raft Companies

The companies below have agreed to help abandoned consumers at a deeply reduced flat rate. The links will take you to their AACC member page or a Google search so you can learn more about each company.

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  • it is good information to use to get an understanding of the types of
    things the creditor may do to assist you when working directly with
    them to create a repayment plan you can afford.

  • Well- They say are approved for 70% but are worried about FICO. Seems they would accept 100%-
    I agree they may not have the ability to get 100% of the $; It was just a thought.

  • uhhh – yeah – what if you can’t get approved for 100% of the balance owed? (and don’t tell me that just b/c someone gets approved for a loan amount enabling them to pay 70%, they would automatically be approved for an amount allowing them to pay 100%).

  • If you can borrow the funds to pay 70 & 75% settlements, Why not borrow enough to pay them in full?

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