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Mass Litigation Alliance Marketing for Mass Joinder Cases Seems Confusing and Deceptive. – Amy


“Dear Steve,

I am attempting to clarify an association between Mass Litigation Alliance and attorney Mitchell J. Stein. This plot seems to be getting thicker and thicker.

I spoke to a Mass Litigation Alliance representative on 3/16/11. He identified himself as Scott Weiner, whom I have verified is an attorney licensed in IL, residing in FL. This individual claimed to be from Chicago (which I identified based on his accent) and he stated the he lived in Ft. Lauderdale. Perhaps he was or was not the real Scott Weiner. He attempted to recruit me and sent a form to enroll me into their mass joinder lawsuit. He asked for my social security number and loan number over the phone, which I would not provide, then chided me for not doing so. He also gave me a link to his own web site: He said he owned a debt relief service, and offered these services to me.

During our phone conversation he spontaneously warned about attorney Mitchell Stein. He indicated that I should avoid retaining Mr. Stein’s services since he likely has a substance abuse problem, and because cases under his direction would be delayed due to neglect.

The part of my story that becomes confusing is the fact that the paperwork he provided me with (attached) states that Mass Litigation Alliance is “delighted to announce our association and affiliation with MJ&S Associates, a highly respected and feared litigation law firm…headed by attorney M. J. Stein…” This directly contradicts his slanderous statements, and according to M. J. Stein’s website, is blatantly false.

Mr. Stein claims no association with Mass Litigation Alliance, Philip Kramer or Matt Davis according to the warning on his web site. The California Bar website states that Mitchell J. Stein has his own law firm. There is no Mention of Mass Litigation Alliance.

At this point I have no idea who is telling the truth, but I certainly would avoid all parties mentioned. There is a warning posted on the CA Department of Real Estate web site regarding these mass joinder lawsuits, but I am afraid most consumers are not aware of it.


Dear Amy,

Frankly I’m just as confused as you are. Recently Mass Litigation Alliance sent me material that shows Stein as part of them but Stein denies it. See this article.

The marketing of mass joinder cases is a total mess. Marketing representatives are saying just about anything they want to and even in my secret shopper call I was alarmed by the statements made.

The best advice I can offer right now, is that it’s impossible to know who to trust and you’d be better off avoiding any mass joinder suit for now and give regulators some time to act to clean up this situation.

The Debt Dog blog site but the site does mention a Scott Weiner and have an ad on it for Mass Litigation Alliance.

In fact one page on the site seems to make the same connections you did.

I am the CEO of Coast To Coast Debt Resolution and every single day for 10-12 hours a day I take calls and answer questions from people who ask for help with their debt. I’ve been at this for years now so it occurred to me that it would be an excellent idea to have a place for people to go and get real answers to common questions. I have personally gone through and completed a debt settlement process so I have the first hand experience of how it feels to go from having enough money to suddenly not being able to pay my credit cards. However with the proper help I was able to eliminate over $100,000 in debt and become debt free in less than two years. I am an Illinois Licensed Attorney, a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, and an American Arbitration Commercial Arbitrator. – Source

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