My Company, Able Debt Settlement Went Bankrupt. What Now? – Juan

“Dear Steve,

What is a good debt solution company that i can use ? I have Able Debt solution and i just found out that there in bankrupty. And i just got sued by one of the credit card company that i owe money, and dont know what to do. please help


Juan ”

Dear Juan,

Well you are correct. Able Debt Settlement did file a Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 1, 2010. You can read more about that case here.

Is Able Debt Settlement not returning your calls? Have they stopped helping you?

Post your responses in the comments below. I need more information to figure out if you’ve been abandoned by Able Debt Settlement or there is some other issue going on.


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Steve Rhode
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6 thoughts on “My Company, Able Debt Settlement Went Bankrupt. What Now? – Juan”

  1. I received a response from Steve! I was reallysurprised and thankful of course – I am not sure how to repost it, or if I can. Maybe you can try to look for it on the site? There is info in the response on who to contact, possibly to get a response. Good luck~!

  2. you can file with bbb by just going to their website – i really do not know how to stop them from taking the fees from your account – if i get any more info, i will post again

  3. no have not received any  help from them. What can i do to get my money back? They have my account and have withdrawing money from my account every month for the past 2 years.

  4. i too am worried about my account with able debt settlement.  i have been able to settle two debts with them, but now that all fees to able have been paid, they are not returning any of my calls or emails. i just filed a complaint with bbb and working on recovering some of fees paid

    • I have the same problem, how do you file a complaint with bbb ? Been paying them since 2 years and no help from them. Creditors have filed a law suit againt me and dont know what to do.

  5. I owed 2 store care a LOT of money and couldn’t afford to pay. I don’t live in the USand no debt firm in the UK would help.Desperate and vunerable I found Able. My mail in the US is sent to a mail company so i don’t receive it immediately. because i didn’t respond to their letter in 10 days they have cancelled me from their program . i explained the situation re the mail and just refused to re instate me.i have paid them about $9000 which i could have paid opff of my cards!! now I still owe all the money. I now don’t know what to do, where to go and if my debts have been sold on!!Some help and advise would be greatly aprrecited.  If I could get my money back it would help!


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