ManVsDebt Meetup at SXSW

Three years ago Adam and Courtney Baker welcomed their newborn daughter, Milligan, into their lives. Debt-ridden and stressed they decided to make a drastic change in their lives and take an alternative route to clearing their debt in an effort to create a happier lifestyle by doing what they love. The Bakers sold all of their possessions, payed off consumer debt, bought an RV and started traveling as a family.

Baker took his story and finances public and started the website a year later. On this site he showcases their mission and provides an open view into his family life on the road and finances.

Here at we have been keeping up with Baker and his journey to crush his personal debt and share his story for quite some time. Earlier this year we were able to meet up with him and his family in Raleigh, NC towards the beginning of their 2011 tour. Serendipitously Baker and I were in Austin, Texas at the same time for South By Southwest. In the video below you’ll see my recent RV tour and interview with Adam.

You can join the movement and pledge to crush $1,000 in debt here.

Amanda Miller

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  1. Hey! Nice Interview! Adam had some very thought-provoking and inspiring words to say!
    Wifey of a Roadie – Out!


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