District Attorney Advises Consumers to Avoid Mass Joinder Mailers

Apparently a local district attorney’s office in Colorado is warning consumers to avoid the mass joinder mailers I’ve been reporting on.

The warning says:

“Consumers in the Denver area are receiving official-looking forms that declare “You may be a plaintiff in a national mass joinder suit.” The mailing implies that fraud may have happened when you financed your home, and that the author of the mailing can assist you in seeking restitution. The form explains that you might be eligible to “become a joined named plaintiff in a national lawsuit that will seek, among other things, to void your note(s), to give you your home free and clear, and/or to award you relief and monetary damages.”

In each case, the notice contains the name of the company that holds the mortgage on the recipient’s home. While this might tend to provide credibility to the notice, that information is easily obtained from public records.

In order to determine if violations were committed by the consumer’s mortgage company, a $995 fee is required to generate a “violations report.” The potential victim is assured that if no violations are found, their deposit will be refunded in full.

The district attorney’s office believes these mailings are a scam and recommends that anyone receiving this mailing not respond. The perpetrators are alleged to have copied another business’ website, and are using the phony website to collect fraudulent fees. This is another example of the need to investigate any offer or solicitation, no matter how legitimate it might appear.” – Source, Source,

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