Should I Take Legal Helpers Debt Resolution to Small Claims Court? – Levi

“Dear Steve,

Hired Legalhelpers 2/2/10 , I become disabled 3yrs. ago, But still had business credit card debt . I payed legalhelpers for a year , They said they deal with Chase credit , Chase credit said they didn’t deal with legalhelpers . I ended being sued by Chase on 2 Chase accounts.after a year. I didn’t have enough money in legalhelpers acct. to settle accts. My wife cashed in her retirement and forced legalhelpers to pay Chase on her credit card, to keep from being sued .

We could have settled for less 4 months earlier with Chase . Legalhelpers did nothing but send wife’s money to Chase to keep wife from law suet.

My Chase I had to call Chase’s Attorney and set up payments to stop my law suet. I quit legalhelpers 1/28/11 . I waited 2 weeks for my saving acct. from them before I started Your process . I payed legalhelpers $3809.28 so I can be sued!!!!! I did your process and ask for a refund or a fair refund . legalhelpers said ” I signed a contract and do not deserve a refund” . I didn’t sign with an attorney . and I begged legalhelpers in past to talk to there attorney , but none available.It would have cost me more to stay with legalhelpers than pay credit cards. I took care of all my credit card accts. but BOY am I broke !!! still paying on them.

It’s been about 2 weeks after I did your process. When should I take legalhelpers to small claim court ?


Dear Levi,

I hesitated in answering your question so promptly for fear that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution would think I’m somehow fixated on them today. But yours was the next question to answer in the queue so here goes.

It sounds like your claim is you paid Legal Helpers Debt Resolution a substantial sum of money and did not receive the benefit they promised from it. The process you refer to is apparently my refund process I previously published.

That refund process actually has a number of steps to it and I want to make sure that you not only asked Legal Helpers Debt Resolution for a refund but also advised them if you did not receive a refund that you would escalate your complaint to the BBB and Attorney General’s offices in your state ind Illinois where they are headquartered.

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If they have said no to your refund request to date I would continue the process and include a copy of their email or letter rejecting your refund when you send your complaint to the BBB and Attorney General office. I would also copy Legal Helpers Resolution each time you submit a further complaint to an outside party.

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In fact the Attorney General of Illinois has recently sued Legal Helpers Debt Resolution so they may be very interested in your “no refund” response.

You may also want to submit your complaint to the Bar Association in your state and in Illinois. Here is information on how to complain about a lawyer in Illinois.

Small claims court is always a possibility but I think you are better served by following the complaint process all the way through first and give them every opportunity to refund your money. If they don’t then you’ll certainly have a big pile of documentation to show if you eventually take them to small claims court.

What do you say, does that sound like a reasonable approach?

by the way, what state do you live in?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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