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Affiliate Word Salad With CuraDebt Dressing

The following guest post was contributed by Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network.

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Affiliate Word Salad With CuraDebt Dressing

Here is a link to a perfectly ridiculous web page example that can be found littering the internet with key word search optimized word salad:

The first paragraph identifies what the motive of the post is. It is clearly designed to encourage the reader to contact Curadebt, a company offering debt relief services. The article states this company not only offers debt settlement but also can help with “tax debt, debt consolidation, or loan modification”.

The links in the first paragraph all lead to the Curadebt free consultation page and there is a handy little banner to click leading to the same form fill. The URL of the consultation page is extended by many characters which leads me to form the opinion that this is the work of an affiliate marketer for the company.

Why would any reputable company allow affiliate marketers to promote them with word salad?

Everything after the company promotional banner in the linked page above is poor grammar key word focused garbage. When looking for help with debt, would you read the first part of the page and click away quickly because of the commercial nature of the immediate content? I would. If you continued reading past the commercial and found the “word jumble” content, would you want to reach out to the company being promoted for help?

Why publish something like this? Why as a company would you allow affiliate marketers to devalue your reputation by marketing in this way?

This page is a good example of what I have heard rumored where Google is taking a hard line in how they weigh search results and spam like page content.

Several weeks ago I observed my daily Google alert for “debt settlement”, which has for years delivered the max of 50 results, started to show half of that. The time frame of lower alert results coincided with rumors I had heard that Google was making an effort to clean up search results in the debt relief space. Perhaps this observation is a coincidence, but the lower daily alert results have persisted to this day.

Companies who use “black hat” SEO tricks and gimmicks in order to get more back links, or who allow affiliates to chef up a deluge of word salad articles for the internet may find the low cost of some of these methods will wind up costing them big time later on if search providers take action in any ongoing and meaningful way.

I do not hear much about Curadebt and their debt relief products and services. In the debt help space, not making the news has typically been a good thing, as too many companies have provided fodder for negative headlines. I would encourage them to get a grip on the efforts of anyone using black hat SEO tricks and affiliates who aggregate word salad articles in order to drive people to Curadebt for assistance with debt.

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Michael Bovee
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