GetOutOfDebt.org Redesign?! Alert The Press!

We here at GetOutOfDebt.org are working hard to provide a cleaner and easier viewing experience for our viewers of the site. We are excited to announce that new changes and a redesign will be happening soon!

In this process we will also be integrating an online community for readers. This community will be an area of the site readers can contribute to and find support from other members. The main goal of the community to be a safe place for you, the reader, to connect, learn and share!

We are still in the early design stages but since this community is all about you we wanted to get your opinion of features you would find useful!

Please use the poll below to vote on features and feel free to vote on multiple features should you so choose.

[poll id=”1530″]

Please feel free to post a comment to this post with any other ideas and thoughts you have or want to see with this community! After all, it’s all about you!

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