Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling Search Volume Still Down

I took another look at the search volume of the terms “debt settlement” and “credit counseling” to see if there has been any uptick in search volume for these terms.

According to data from the last 12 months the number of consumers searching for these terms is hovering at historically low levels. Debt settlement search traffic appears to be off by 66% while credit counseling search traffic is down by about a third.

It seems that the slowdown debt relief providers are reporting continues to be evidenced in search traffic volume. With a reduction in demand for these debt relief services the cost per acquisition for debt relief providers in these niches will continue to probably be steady or even rise a bit.


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172 thoughts on “Debt Settlement and Credit Counseling Search Volume Still Down”

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  2. That is certainly one way to look at it, but it bears no resemblance to the truth. The number of referrals is very low because the number of people best suited for a credit counseling solution right now is low. The overwhelming vast majority of readers come to read and learn.

    What email address? If you mean the [email protected] I found it from Google. It’s already online.

    You say I’m encouraging consumers to signup with non-attorny companies but that’s not true as well. There is an attorney backed model with the AACC, which is where I direct consumers for debt settlement help when they are looking for a company to work with.

    You seem to have the impression that attorney backed companies are somehow cleaner and safer. Yet the two largest implosions in the past couple of years that hurt the largest number of consumers were attorney based debt settlement companies. Are you familiar with Allegro Law and Hess Kennedy? The attorneys behind those operations were disbarred and the companies shutdown by the respective states.

    The irony here is that I say to consumers here are all the options and let’s talk about what is right for your situation. You only seem to say that attorney backed debt settlement is the option of choice. Who’s steering?

    You know, all you have done is attack and you’ve yet to let us compare your solution. So who is it that you are selling?


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