Express Debt Settlement Threatens to Sue Client for Complaining After Taking $17K. Author Needs Your Help.

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A few months ago I wrote a story about a consumer that had come to me looking for assistance after she lost about $17,000 that she had paid to Express Debt Settlement (EDS) in fees. She knew she was in definite trouble when after two years with (EDS) she had received several lawsuits, a wage garnishment, and settled nothing for less than what she originally owed when she hired them in the first place. Not only did Express Debt do nothing but made her situation much worse, and then had the gall to charge her $17,000 for the privilege.

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In vain, she asked for a refund on several occasions to which she finally received this professional reply from Ari Dinov, the president of Express Debt Settlement.

I am glad you have sent a dozen emails in the last 2 weeks because this is all evidence that I have, that you are constantly harassing me and my company. I am advising you to stop immediately or I will have no choice but to file a lawsuit against you for slander, defamation of character and harassment. Like I mentioned to you previously you signed a 5 year contract with my company and you are only 1/3 of the way through, your expectations have been unrealistic especially because you knew that your fees are collected in their entirety upfront as referenced in the customer agreement that you read and signed. I have further advised you that it would be in your best interest to remain in the program because your fees have already been paid and we will be able to settle some of your accounts in the next few months, however you keep harassing me, my company and my employees with “insane” acquisitions and metaphors . I am giving you 1 final warning to stop or the next time you hear from me will be from my attorney’s filing suit against you.

Keep in mind that the author of this email has taken $17,000 dollars from this consumer. I have laid out further facts of this case in my previous article on Express Debt Settlement.

When I emailed Ari Dinov in an attempt to reach a resolution for the client, I was told he would not discuss the matter with me. However, as you can see by the above email, he will not discuss it with the client either and has instead chosen to intimidate, harass and threaten the consumer with legal action for even asking for her money back. It is clear to me that Ari Dinov and Express Debt Settlement must consider this behavior to be “business as usual” and I for one am not someone that is going to let any other consumers fall victim to this blatant abuse.

How You Can Help

Unfortunately, I hear stories like this from consumers on a weekly bases and financial regulators are severely out numbered. However, by bringing awareness to this incident, most consumers would wisely choose not to do business with an organization that treated their customers this way. Therefore there is something we can all do. I am asking all fair minded people, both consumers and industry professionals to help spread the word about the actions of this company and others like them.

Please take just a moment to help by retweeting this article and/or sharing it on Facebook. The next person we save just might be a friend of family member of yours. If you have a website, please also consider linking to this article.

Ari Dinov and Express Debt Settlement think they can rip off a consumer for $17,000 and get away with it by using intimidation tactics, well, with your help I hope to show them and any other program that adheres to this type of behavior, just how expensive that can be.  All I ask is that you help your fellow consumers by spreading the word and linking back to this story.

These are the facts in this case as they have been told to me by my client. Express Debt Settlement refused to speak with me about this matter or even issue a statement in response. If a representative from Express Debt Settlement would like to leave a comment and explain why they felt justified in keeping $17,000 and refusing a refund in this instance, then I would welcome that. Until a satisfactory explanation is given, it is my opinion that consumers would be wise to stay away from Express Debt Settlement.

Damon Day is a talented Debt Coach who offers fee based consultations to consumers as an alternative to the typical free debt relief consultations which are nothing more than thinly veiled sales pitches lacking any real information to help a consumer make a good decision. You can learn more about how he can protect you from getting ripped off at DamonDay.com
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