Creditors Taking My Daughters SSI Money to Satisfy My Debt. – Angella

“Dear Steve,

I have two court judgments against me. I have tried to negotiate with the law firms, but am getting nowhere. One firm has taken money from my daughter’s savings account. It contains the money she gets from SSI, which I know is suppose to be exempt. What can I do? Also, what can the creditors take from me to satisfy the debt?



Dear Angella,

Can you please tell me more about that bank account the creditors are taking money from.

Is this a joint account with your daughter?

Did the money that was taken from the account fully satisfy the judgment with that one creditor?

How much are the judgments for?

Do you have any other debts that are outstanding that you might be sued for?

What assets do you have that you think creditors might want to take?

Are you working or have ongoing income?

If you can post your answers in the comments I can help you figure this out.

From what you’ve shared so far it sounds like you and your daughter may have a joint bank account that was identified in the lawsuit process. While it is true that creditors can’t attach or seize SSI money under most circumstances, if the funds have been commingled it would make it less obvious which funds were yours versus your daughters SSI money.


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