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Is There an Advantage to Paying an Attorney to Deal With an Old Debt? – Annette

“Dear Jeremy,

Credit score 580
Credit history
late payment
excessive charge off

Payday loan companies, credit cards and old Banks account closure

excessive collection agencies

Three questions:

1.What do I do with collection agency that is trying to collect on charge-off account from orginial creditor?

2. What do I do if charge off account with the original owner is past 7 years and the original creditor is no longer on credit report but a collection agency is trying to collect?

3. What is the advantage in paying a credit repair company with attorney’s or debt expert to dispute my credit report versus me trying to do it?


Dear Annette,

The first thing to do is send a collection agency a written request for verification of the debt. If you dispute anything regarding the account make sure you explain your dispute in your initial letter.

In most circumstances a debt should not be reported that you haven’t paid on in over 7 years. If this is happening you should also send a letter to the credit bureau disputing the account so they can investigate.

The advantage to hiring a third party to handle this for you would be that you can spend your time enjoying other activities. But if you feel comfortable disputing inaccurate information yourself, by all means go ahead. And if inaccurate information continues to be reported then it might be time to get an attorney.

Jeremy Golden, Esq. is one of the resident debt experts here at that helps people for free. Jeremy is a consumer rights attorney licensed to practice in California. He represents individuals in cases against debt collectors for violations of the FDCPA. He also focuses on defending people in collection cases who have been sued by their creditors or debt- buyers. In the last five years he has won at trial or obtained a dismissal in over 200 collection cases. Recently he was voted one of San Diego’s Top Attorneys in the field of Consumer Law by SDMetro Magazine. His website is

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