I Want to Join the Police Force But I Have an Old Debt I Owe and I Want to Increase My Chances. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve,

Hello, I am 25 years old, I just made a decision on wanting to join the police force(it’s been an option since h.s), I know a good credit is vital and mine is not so good. I have one school loan that I need to pay off and I have put off for 2 years now and the rest of the stuff I need to pay off are like one
Medial bill for my son and I think an old cell phone bill back from 2005.

I really want to pay all these back now that I have saved up but is there any way I can improve my chances of being considered and maybe cleaning my record if there is such a thing??? Where do I start? Who do I call? It’s so confusing. Thank you


Dear Jennifer,

The best thing you can do is get a copy of your consolidated credit report and look at all three credit bureaus to see what negative information is reported about you. Each of the credit bureaus can contain slightly different information. The information listed is dependent on who your creditors report to.

Once you look at the consolidated report you will see what accounts might be outstanding.

If you are not current with your student loans, get current on that one first.

On the others you might just want to tackle the smallest balance collection accounts first and knock them out.

Once you finish tackling your old debts you can begin to rebuild your credit by following this article.

The police department is going to have their own criteria for screening but if you follow this plan you can proactively let them know you had some issues in the past but you working on satisfying any old and outstanding debts.

The primary purpose of looking at the credit report is to use it as a gauge of responsibility and standing up and taking responsibility for old mistakes is a positive move.

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