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I’m in a Debt Management Program But Thinking of Fast Track Debt Relief Instead. – Kara

“Dear Damon,

Already in a debt management program but still having problems.

I’m already in a debt relief program but the payment takes all of one of my two paychecks and part of another and it’s gettting to the point I can’t aford it anymore but I don’t want to file for bankruptcy but I need to lower my payment or i’m going to have file.

I was looking for information on Fast Track Debt Relief.


Dear Kara,

Regarding Fast Track Debt Relief, my initial response is no way would I touch them. It is my understanding that they are simply a debt settlement sales affiliate for Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. In my opinion, Legal Helpers Debt Resolution represents everything that is wrong with the debt settlement industry. They are for the most part simply collecting fees upfront and forwarding most of that to Fast Track Debt Relief for making the sale. (“The Sale” is what it is all about in my opinion.)

Now that being said, I do not have a current copy of their contract, but if you want to send a copy of it to me, I will be happy to review it for free. However, if it is just a contract to enroll into the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution program so you can start sending most of your money to them in the form of fees, then I don’t need to see the contract to tell you to run screaming from that thing.

My larger concern is that you are allocating over half of your income to the repayment of debt. This is going to need to stop or as you pointed out, you will be forced to stop as soon as you have a slight unforeseen financial circumstances. So we need to review your overall financial situation and then determine what the best strategy is moving forward. Can you tell me why you do not want to file bankruptcy?

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At this point I do not have enough information to tell you if that is the appropriate solution, but it is certainly a solution that we at least need to fully explore before ruling it out as an option.

Unfortunately if you talk to a debt settlement sales person, they will tend to tell you everything you want to hear instead of the reality of what you need to hear. Especially if they are selling the Legal Helpers program where they are getting paid upfront.

Before you make any decisions, I would recommend you schedule a telephone consultation with me so we can take an overall look at your circumstances and goals, review the potential options and talk about the pros and cons of those feasible options you have left at this point.

If we determine that a settlement approach is a feasible option for you as an alternative to bankruptcy, then there are much better ways to accomplish that goal than enrolling with a program like Legal Helpers in my opinion. I will give you the information for you to research and compare them so you can make an informed decision.

Damon is a talented independent debt coach that provides in-depth assistance and consultations for people struggling with debt. If you want a personal debt coach to help you through a difficult situation or want assistance to find secret discounts offered by debt settlement companies I think Damon Day is an excellent person to contact for advice and assistance. He can be reached directly at

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