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I Am a Client of LHDR and Being Sued by Three Creditors. – TB

“Dear Steve,

I am a client of LHDR being sued by 3 creditors and I am scared to death that I have done something wrong. I have talked to the lawyer at LHDR and am following instructions but I have to represent myself with the summons and complaint process as they will not do that for me.

I have called around to find a Montana lawyer to help me with the summons/complaint process and no one will help me because I am participating in the LHDR program.

Have I made a poor decision to buy into this debt resolution program? Should I be doing something else, I feel like this has really gotten me into real trouble with the law?


Dear TB,

Have you met with a local bankruptcy attorney to discuss what bankruptcy would mean for you in your specific situation? At the very least, if you were eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as most are, your debt would be discharged in a few months and the lawsuits would end instantly.

How much debt do you have?

Do you feel the service you are receiving is what was promised to you before you signed up?

How much are you paying them and how much have you paid so far?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • yea we know steve cause thats how u gets paid!!! look at all the dam links to people that offer a service…. what a scam

  • I still stand by original advice that you should talk to a local bankruptcy attorney. Until you get all of the facts about possible solutions for your situation you can’t make the best decision for you moving forward.

    If you wanted to do it on your own their are coaches that can help you do it like Damon Day and Consumer Recovery Network.

    But you’ve paid all the fees to LHDR and then considering doing it yourself? If you are not going to let them settle the debt then you may want to consider going for a refund from LHDR for the fees you’ve paid. You cab follow this process.

    The problem you are running into is not uncommon. When all the initial payments go to fees there isn’t any money saved for settlements.

  • Dear Steve, I did find a local attorney to look at the paperwork I have to file for the court, I have not discussed bankruptcy at this point, we are trying to liquidate everything to raise as much money as we can quickly so we can ask LDHR to settle our accounts quicker. The lawyer charge is $155 an hour and we have to pay $210 to file the answers for the summons. We have 2 offers to settle from creditors but not enough money in the account because the first 15 months mostly go to fees. We are paying $700 a month. We have paid them about $5000 and I have about $700 in my account to settle debt with right now. I can stop the program and try to settle with the creditors on my own but LDHR will not refund me any of the money I have already paid them except the money in my global client account. Would it be better for me to try and do this on my own? I am reading alot of negative comments about LHDR, I don’t feel they are acting in my best interest and I feel like I’m caught between a bunch of lawyers trying to one up each other. What have I gotten myself into? Is there a better service out there, I really do not want to file bankruptcy. TB

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