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Halifax in the UK Can’t Give Me Proof of My Loan. Do I Have to Pay It? – Dawn

“I took out an unsecured loan of £14,500 in 2003 with the Halifax through a broker to purchase a house as I did not qualify to borrow the full amount in a mortgage.

I made six monthly payments then I lost my job and also the house. They put me on a reduced payment of £30. That payment arrangement stayed until 2007. Through those years I never had any communication from them. I missed a payment in 2007 and it must have flagged up and the account was moved to a debt recovery who increased payment to £40.

After seeing a lot ads about getting out of unenforceable debt I wrote and asked for paperwork for my loan. The only paperwork Halifax have is one A4 sheet with the loan amount and repayment amount but no signature. I have not paid anything for six months and I am not being contacted at all for payment. Could I have a case? I have found it very difficult to get a solicitor to help me. I do not have payment protection and they do not apply interest. Would appreciate any advice.


Dear Dawn,

I wish I could offer more here, but all I could really advise is to seek out a Solicitor who is advertising or specialising in these matters.

In my experience, which is very limited, not that many of these cases are going through as unenforceable and the ones that do are taking a bit of time in the courts.

You do seem to fit the rather loose criteria of a loan taken out prior to April 2007, more than 1K, but less than 15K, but it can be more complex then just that.

Keep looking for a Solicitor to help.


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