I Went to Rasmussen College Online and Now Can’t Afford to Pay The Bill. – Brittany

“I started attending Rasmussen online. (Biggest mistake i’ve ever made) I only took two classes, and the grand total was about 2700.

Their semesters lasted about two months because it’s accelerated. Well they kept pushing me to start this semester and I said I didn’t have all the documents ready for loans. They still insisted we’ll get it all done..

Well at the end of the semester I decided I no longer wanted to take their classes because of it being so ridiculously pricey and i’d be like 30,000 grand in debt for an associates! Anyway they told me I withdrew too fast before I could get my loans, so I owed Rasmussen the money. I made ten dollars payments every month until I missed a month and they sent it to a collections agency.

I’ve heard horror stories about debt collectors… I don’t want to get scammed, and feel more comfortable paying all back at once when I have the money. I cannot pay them that much right now for i’m still a struggling college student with current utility bills.

How do I go about paying it back? Should I wait till I have all the money, or is it safe to pay in increments?


Hello Brittany,

You can hold off payment until you are in a position to pay the debt off all at once. The risk in doing so is that collection efforts can be escalated to include placing the debt with a local attorney who may be authorized to sue in order to collect. Also, if the original contract and terms allow it, the balance will be increasing while it remains unpaid.

There are plenty of horror stories regarding collection agencies. If you would like to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate assignee of Rasmussen, call them and confirm they place the debt with the collector. When confirmed you can consider connecting with the collector when you are financially prepared to get on track with some form of payment arrangement.

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If you are unable to commit yourself financially to some form of consistent payment right now, you may find the account is later placed with a different agency for collection efforts. You can again contact Rasmussen to verify the collector the debt was placed with.

When you do agree to a pay off or payment terms, do not provide payment or account details for payment until you have a written document that clearly outlines the arrangements you have made.

If there are additional details that you can add, such as who the collector is, or there is new information to share, please add to the comment section below.

Best of Success!


Michael Bovee is an experienced debt expert who helps answer questions on the GetOutOfDebt.org site. He specializes in helping people with debt settlement through education and assistance. He can be reached at the Consumer Recovery Network.

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