I Had an Agreement to Pay American Express Monthly. The Collection Company Wants to Increase It. – Tony

“Dear Jeremy,

I’m currently with a credit counseling agency, paying off creditors for about 5 months. A collection agency that represents Am Express wants to increase there payment from 134.00 to 500 a month and are taking me to court. They have accepted all my previous payments, but wants more!! A cannot pay that. Do i have any ground to stand on

Will the judge make me increase my payments, knowing full well that i cannot enter in to a agreement of that amount.


Dear Tony,

The most important thing to look for in your situation is whether or not you have a settlement agreement with American Express. If they agreed to settle your account and take a monthly payment of $134 then they should honor their agreement if you have kept your end of the bargain.

If you were merely paying them that amount without a formal settlement agreement then most likely they can demand whatever amount they are entitled to pursuant to the original cardmember agreement.

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