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Precision Law Center Mass Joinder Retainer Agreement Revealed

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of the Precision Law Center mass joinder litigation engagement package they received.

As you will see the pitch is that for a “retainer” of $5,500, Precision Law Center is selling the consumer into a mass joinder lawsuit which marketers have made all sorts of claims can eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of the mortgage and result in the consumer getting large sums of money as damages.

No case has actually completed yet and there are other documents on this site showing mass joinder marketers are making as much as 80% of retainers charged as marketing fees.

There is real concern that consumers may be paying a significant amount of money for a service that may not stop a foreclosure and not be resolved for many years.

I thought I’d run through a number of items in this engagement package and point out some issues that you should be aware of if you are considering such a solution.

Not much to say, just the cover page.

The agreement says that Precision Law Center has assisted consumers “over the last several years.” Their website says it is copyright 2009 which would support that statement. – Source. Interestingly the domain name exists only back to 2-10-2011. There Twitter account they link to at the bottom of their site has not sent a single tweet. – Source. There linked Facebook page is blank. – Source.

Precision Law Center lists their addresses as:

6 Hutton Center Dr. Suite 600
South Coast Metro, Ca 92707

6 Hutton Center Dr, Suite 600 is a virtual office space. – Source

8 Corporate Park
Irvine, Ca 92606

8 Corporate Park is a virtual office space as well. They don’t list the suite number for this space but it is probably Suite 300. – Source

17011 Beach Blvd. Suite 900
Huntington Beach, Ca 92647

17011 Beach Blvd, Suite 900 is a virtual office space. – Source, Source

This seems very unusual for a law firm that claims extensive capabilities that has been around for a number of years.

The BBB has no record of any business named Precision Law Center. – Source

Precision Law Center makes it appear they are a law firm but they don’t list and lawyers on either their contact or about us page even though they say “Our team has extensive experience in all areas of real estate law,” and “Our attorneys provide superior legal services to virtually every type of client in the banking and financial services industry.” . – Source.

They only mention of an actual attorney is for a Christopher Persaud, Esq on a case that was filed on April 1, 2011. – Source. Christopher Persaud, Esq. has a F rating with the BBB.

The BBB states the following information about the Law Office of Christopher Persaud:

Complainants allege unfulfilled contracts, failure to honor their money back guarantee, and inability to obtain refunds when the company fails to provide modifications. Other customers complain that their financial hardships escalate due to months of waiting in expectation of loan modifications that do not materialize. Some report losing their homes due to excessive waiting periods for services to be provided. Other clients complain that lenders refuse their modifications, however the company repeatedly re-submits requests in lieu of issuing refunds as agreed. Most recent complainants report the company is no longer operating from addresses or phone numbers provided, and they have been unable to reach anyone by phone or email. The company responds to some complaints by disputing that services were not provided, or that the company failed to contact clients on the status of their cases. In some cases the company did agree to a refund or partial refund, however, some complainants contend the company failed to issue the refund as agreed. Some complaints are unresolved meaning the company failed to properly address the complaint allegations or their response was inadequate. – Source

Precision Law Center has been sending out misleading mailers labeled as Form 1012 official looking notifications. – Source

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Ironically, even though they saw “we have assembled an aggressive and talented team of litigators,” the only other attorney I could find that listed Precision Law Center was Lloyd Ward who says “We at Precision Law Center do not believe a lack of education is any reason why anyone should lose their home.” – Source. It appears Lloyd Ward has shifted his operations from selling debt settlement to now selling mass joinder cases. They are either operating in cooperation with the Precision Law Center or they just copied their website because the Lloyd Ward page matches word-for-word.

Client will be responsible “pay all fees and costs set forth below and the failure to pay costs represents a reason for withdrawal as counsel.” Regarding those fees and costs, “PLC will not provide you with bills for our services relating to our Representation, unless such pertain to matters that may be reimbursable in any civil action. You authorize PLC to track its time and to apply to the Court for payment of legal fees, which range from $100.00 per hour to $1,000.00 per hour.”

If they run up a bill you can’t pay, they may no longer represent you and your initial payment, in this case, of $5,500 is non-refundable. “You agree and acknowledge that the fee you pay to our PLC is a non-refundable, non-creditable retainer.”

I did find it a bit odd that the consumer is said to select the litigation matter to be included in, shouldn’t that be a decision best left to the attorney?

So the consumer not only pays $5,500 to get into the case but is also agreeing to pay 30% of any financial benefit received because of the case, even if you withdraw from the case for any reason. “Our contingency interest in this case is thirty percent of the gross monetary amount recovered in the lawsuit. If you elect to terminate the relationship at any time, our contingency interest shall remain.” I don’t know about you but that’s pretty scary to pay $5,500 upfront and then if you later change your mind the contingency interest shall remain.

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In this case the agreement says Precision Law only practices law in California but the folks that received this agreement do not live in California.

I’m curious, the agreement says it is not valid unless signed in Los Angeles but their offices are not located in Los Angeles.

This page is very interesting indeed. It makes promises based on an estimated value, in fact when I went and researched the address the $80,000 value was the tax assessed value and not the property value. According to Zillow the home is valued at $260,000. Even if we take that as a gross approximation of the value, it’s still nowhere near the value they listed.

The settlement worksheet shows the client is three months behind on their mortgage which leads me to wonder if they were “sold” that if they participated it would stop any foreclosure proceedings. Other mass joinder attorneys have made it clear that this is not the case.

The estimated proposed loan balance is way off if the market value is actually $200,000 more than estimated.

The agreement appears to promise the consumer will receive:

  • Forgiveness of all delinquent payments, fees and penalties.
  • Halt and reverse foreclosure proceedings. (So OK, that was promised.)
  • Credit restoration
  • Possible Compensatory damages in the amount of $22,500
  • Possible Punitive damages in the amount of $52,500

At the bottom Precision Law says the estimates on this sheet may be adjusted by them. So what are they really forecasting then? Is it all fiction?

This agreement is for a full payment of the retainer of $5,500 but it appears installment payments are available as well. But if you don’t pay them, you go to collections.

They will hit your bank account for the entire amount if you want.

So even though this consumer is three months behind, Precision Law Center is not asking for any hardship letter and has appeared to promise foreclosure proceedings will be stopped and revered.

Oh this is going to end badly. I can feel it in my bones.


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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I recieved a form 52PLL-T Tort litigation lawsuit against BofA. with a case number. I called and talked to a guy named Steve, He was smooth but had the same pitch as you have laid out. Two things that make me think a little different are 1. He mentioned to me the main thing they were looking for was a countrywide loan prosecessed my MERS and if it was it qualfied me in the lawsuit. stating that MERS processing and Countrywide could have been using fraudulant practice to push my loan through and to send the deed of trust to verify and generate a violations report. Secondly he said I was welome to come in the office and dicuss it with a qualfied lawyer if I had questions. He was very convincing!. Sent me an e-mail with a bunch of video news reports about the MERS fraud that made a lot of sense. BofA is settling with BILLIONS of dollars to make this go away, sounds like I may be legitimatly part of that! I’m confused, if PLC is a fraud then were does that leave me if I have grounds for a faudulant morgage loan serviced by Countrywide now by BofA. They my or may not even know who has possession of the note and if it was processed legally!!!!! Remember BofA is just a  servicer not the owner the house. Steve what do you think? I can send source if you would like. 

      • Thank -you for your great article. Funny thing is I just recieved another mailer in the same style from AVID Law center. I’m sure it’s the same thing over again. I understand these particular companies are a scam, but it has raised some question as to weather Countrywide was using deceptive and fraudulant practices to process my loan! Is this something that I should be concerned about and persue legitimatly or not????  

      • Wow I just ran across this web site and I have been talking to an Alan and Thierry (Terry) from Precision Law for a while now. I have not got to the retainer fee speech yet only the part about them getting 30% of the settlement for “Punitive damages”. Alan said he will call me tomorrow to go over the final details. I was a little suspicious from the beginning with this. Not sure I would send them $5000 anyways. I will possibly play along a little longer and tell them to send me something in writing and see what they say and do. So just to be clear on this Principle reduction that Precision Law is saying they can do because of what they call “MERS” on your account is a SCAM correct??

        • I just got this about Mr. Rhodes from
          Steven Rhodes is a con man…. Posing as a man who fights debt consolidation scams when he himself owns a debt management company that is scamming innocent customers like me. This is just wrong. I talked to steve and he said theres nothing he can do and that is just his website and he just refers people… but when asked the people he refers you to is owned by Steven Rhodes. You are a bad man, taking advantage of people who really need your help. I don’t understand Steve Rhodes to understand but you the consumer should know people like Mr. Rhodes and his get out of debt site is out there…shame shame shame Steven Rhodes. He charges 500 dollars up front and 200 a month. He recently made his wife the president of the company so he could take his name off. He is obviously still running the show and stealing from innocent people do not work with him.

          • Wow. I don’t mind having critics but at least get some facts right.

            Name: You got it wrong.

            Customers: I don’t sell any services so can’t have customers.

            Referrals: I don’t have any ownership interest in any referral resource. In fact I disclose all my relationships in the site terms.

            Ripoff Report: You failed to mention I already responded on and discredited all the false allegations in it. In fact I even published it here.

            It appears you got nothing right in your mindless attack and you say shame on me?

          • Dear Guest,
            It is so obvious who you really are.  You are the owner of one of the scam debt settlement companies that was exposed on this site.  The kind that charge huge up front fees, but claim you are exempt from the FTCs advance fee ban.  So you post dumb messages here as petty revenge. 

          • No, Actually I’m not an owner of any company I just google Mr. Steve Rhode’s name and that is where I got the information from, and Mr. Steve I’ m a critic or anything like that and as me having nothing on you, you are right but it seems like couple of people and companies do have something on you and the only why I’m posting this is if you didn’t have anything do with the other companies then your name would not come up any where. Can you explain that to me how it works? and another guest, take the crap out of your mouth before saying anything that you don’t know about.

  • Anyone who recives a packet should report PLC to the California Bar and Attorney General immediately.  They should also report it in their home state sice they are also practicing law illegally in your state. The packets sent out claims that the mortgage provider violated federal law. (Even a real lawyer would not be able to assess such simply based on local government public mortgage records, which is how they got your name and info)  This constitutes rendering a legal decision, practicing law.  Moreover they are asking you to let them represent you which clearly means practicing law. 

    PLC is not a valid law firm.  It is an ordinary corporation. In California only a Law Corporation can practice law.  A Law Corporation is a corporation that is registered by the California Bar.  In order to qualify for registration the shareholders and officers of the corporation all must be licensed lawyers.  I contacted the California Bar and learned that PLC is not a law Corporation. 

    Indeed PLC stated to me over the phone that its managing Director is Sammy Lakhany.  Sammy Lakhany’s email address was also used to register the PLC Website.  Sammy Lakhany is not a lawyer and can’t legally own interest in or be an office rin a law corporation, he is a fraudster of such fame as Fidelity Legal Services:

    The complaints on PLCS’s website are fake.

    Do not give any money to PLC, immediately file a complaint.  If you already paid you can sue to receive your money back.  They had no right to collect legal fees of any kind.  Consumer protection services or the attorney general might be able to help get your money returned.

  • Steve,

    Thanks for helping people avoid these types of scams. I went through an hour phone conversation with Precision and was not sold then. Your revelations are very eye opening!!! They seem to be yet another firm trying to kick people while they are down,,Ho[efully not too many people get taken by this nonsense…..

    Thanks for taking the time to educate us Steve!!! Keep up the good work!

  • this company is just like FH Financial they promise the world and take your money and the they too will be gone.  Anyone who wants money up front for something like this is not being honest.  Please take this review serious from somone who fell for something like this already I can tell you it will not help you in the end you will be further behind and have ruined your credit.

  • Here is a new lawyer associated with Precision.  During July I was solicited by the Precision Law Center to join a Wells Fargo Lawsuit.  The name of the lead lawyer that was given to me was John L. Palmer of Bucher & Palmer, LLP, 18002 Irvine Blvd., Tustin, CA 92780.  I left him a call at 714.573.2208 & 714.373.2201 to confirm his association.  A person for Bucher stated Palmer was associated with Precision Law Center but did not head their Litigation department.

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