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Deceptive Debt Relief Flyers Being Sent Out. Beware!


For some reason there has been a resurrection of a previously sent debt settlement flyer. The flyer makes all sorts of promises about magical debt reduction but it certainly appears to be nothing more than a shining example of the type of debt relief marketing material that was made illegal under the FTC telemarketing sales rules.

This particular mailer is labeled 16-CCHP with a phone number of 866-223-9616.

The flyer says it is for “The 2011 Credit Card Assistance Program” and that national benefits are limited by the 2010 Economic Stimulus Package. The funny part is on the bottom of the flyer they even change to fictitious program name to “The Credit Card Assistance Program of 2011.” So which is it?

The fine print says “You have been selected to participate in a Credit Card Assistance Program due to your nomination by 1 or more of your creditors. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed due to the limited amount of funds. Benefits will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Program will end when funds are depleted.”

Here is what you need to know about this mailer, It’s All a Lie.

The mailer promises:

Rather than go into those items line-by-line let me sum that up saying it’s most just flat out not true.

I called the number on the flyer and it turns out to be a third-party group. You can listen to my call below.


You can hear the rep say two of the programs they are pushing are “government programs.” He says those pretend government programs are through a nonprofit credit counseling program and one is through a law firm.

You will hear the representative did not want to tell me who the underlying companies were nor was he willing to help guide me to the right solution for me based on the consumers situation.

If you or someone you know gets this flyer, tell them to trash it.

You can see previous examples of this deceptive flyer, here and here.

If you have received this flyer and talked to the representative, please post the names of the companies they wanted to refer you to. You can post information in the comments below.