Do You Have any Debt Consolidation Advice? We Approached CureCredit. – Jayde

“Dear Damon,

I am trying to get some help for my mother who currently owes about $13,000 in credit card debt. She has only social security income, which amounts to $14,460 per year. We are trying to avoid bankruptcy but have consulted with an attorney and know that she is not eligible for Chapter 7 and her Chapter 13 payments would be $300 per month. Oddly enough, or maybe not, the monthly fee for the debt consolidation agency we approached (CureCredit) is also $300 per month. Problem is that she does not have the spare income to pay this amount.

I am currently unemployed with financial problems of my own and am unable to help her at this time. We tried Lending Club, but they do not operate in our state.

Do you have any advice that would help her? Is it possible to find a legitimate debt settlement or debt consolidation agency that will work with us for less than $300 a month?


Dear Jayde,

I am not familiar with Cure Credit so I am not sure what type of program they were talking about. My first question is what is the reason your mother is not eligible for a chapter 7 bankruptcy? Does she have some assets that would be liquidated? If so, what type of assets are they?

Is she current on her credit card payments now? How high are the interest rates. What, if any can your mother afford out of her current cash flow to apply toward paying down this debt?

If you provide me with some further details we may be able to narrow down a solution for you and your mother.

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