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Consumer Action Law Group Appears to Be Just Another Pit Stop on The Way for Mike Wayman and Don Brokaw

A reader and tipster (send in your tips here) sent in additional information on a company allegedly crafted by a couple of guys I’ve written about before, Mike Wayman and Don Brokaw.

These guys have created a series of debt relief companies that have opened and closed in their wake.

The latest incarnation is the Consumer Action Law Group which is selling mass joinder access to consumers.

Look at the domain name on these two recent screen shots of

And while the domain name is different here is yet another related company that makes the same claims. – Source and Source

The website of Consumer Action Law Group lists their address as:

The Consumer Action Law Group
27315 Jefferson Avenue
Suite J33
Temecula, CA 92590
(877) 331-9616 Office

And while the website appears to be that of a law group, I can find no evidence they are.

The State of California lists no companies authorized to do business in California under that name.

The address the company lists is that of Mail Mart, a mail drop location and not an office location. – Source. Certainly a law firm would have office you can go visit before you do business with them?

Heck, the domain name for the alleged law firm isn’t even owned by the law firm. It’s owned by:

Global Lead Source Group Inc.
1080 Park Blvd
San Diego, California 92101

And take a look at the sites hosted on the same webserver as Those in the know will spot some interesting names.

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Apparently these two guys just keep recycling the same website theme as well. Take a look at the screenshots for their previous incarnation.

My advice for anyone considering using the services of any of these companies is to be very careful and get a second opinion with an independent licensed real estate attorney you locate before investing any money with these serial companies.


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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • Craig,

    It is regrettable that took your name to advertise their services under the name The Consumer Action Law Group. The information appears as part of the investigation into them, not you.

    If you took action against them for stealing your name it would help to clarify the story for readers and we’d be happy to publish what action you took against them.

  • Hi Steve,

    I found your article when doing a search for reviews on the firm I work for, Consumer Action Law Group. Our company name is mentioned in this article, but is not our company.

    I brought this to the attention of the lead attorney here, Charles Panzarella, who noted that he had seen this before, but didn’t think it would be worth the time to dispute. I however feel differently, and am curious to know what I can do to make it easy for you to remove our company name from the article.

    Our site is:

    We have been in business for nearly 3 years, in good standing with the Local Bar Associations and are in no way affiliated with the site mentioned in the existing article. Can this please be removed?

    Please remove our name, and current screenshot from the article.


    Craig Streaman

  • National Help Center Law Groupwants 4000$ for each mortgage – we have 3, so they settleted for 8000$ upfront and then they want to charge 1000 per month during litigation? (because payments stop they claim) – i.e. we can easily afford this…

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