I Used Johnson Law Group in Nevada and Just Got Sued. – Patrick

“Dear Damon,

I also used JLGN same results. I though had an account that I thought was paid by JLGN and now I was served with court papers from an account that I thought was taken care of by JLGN. I paid to JLGN about 12,500.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do to recover the loss of Money, from JLGN? or am I just another sucker that lost a lot of money?


Hello Patrick,

The situation with Johnson Law Group is just another unfortunate reality of what happens with these front loaded fee model settlement companies. How much is the lawsuit for? Who is the creditor? Have you had a conversation with the attorney about your situation and JLGN?

Do you have anything that shows this was settled with JLGN, or where you just lead to believe that it was settled?

Do you have any funds to settle the debt at this time?

Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I also used JLG of Nevada as well and now i have had two creditors come after me for debts that i was told were settled by these people.  Does anyone know how or where i can obtain my files?

    Darren B.


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