Roni Deutch, the “Tax Lady” Closes Firm in Face of Jail Time

Roni Deutch, the tax lawyers who we’ve seen advertising on television for years, has decided to surrender her law license and close her tax practice. She is claiming she is totally broke in the face of the charges filed against her for ripping off consumers with fees for services never delivered.

A Sacramento Superior Court judge in April froze her assets. Deutch, whose firm took in $25 million a year, was accused by the state of destroying millions of pages of documents; failing to pay about $435,000 in refunds to clients and diverting assets to family, friends and creditors in violation of court orders. State Attorney General Kamala Harris, in court filings, accused Deutch of violating the court’s orders “almost before they came off the printer,” embarking on a massive shredding operation that claimed as many as 2.7 million documents by the end of March. – Source

In a rare move the State Bar of California decided to speak out since Deutch had waived confidentiality by announcing at her own press conference she will surrender her license to practice law.

The State Bar representative said “Deutch had been under investigation “for some time,” and remarked, should she stop practicing law, “this will help protect the public.”

From the video on The Sacramento Bee website, it looks like Deutch is deflecting the charges against her by making the State Bar of California appear to be the ones harming consumers by going after her. You can see the video here.

When asked what she would do next, her response was, “cry.”

I guess this all puts the kibosh on her plans to expand her law firm with debt settlement as she had previously announced.


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